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In The Flesh

In The Flesh

Some of the guys in the office have gotten together and visited a few of the museums around the UK looking for tanks and equipment. We even got a look at one of Rommel’s old battle maps at the Imperial War Museum in London.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the stuff you will be fighting with, whether it’s Cruisers, Grants, Panzers or just the equipment they slogged around with, take a look at some of these tanks. Who knows, you may have one nearby!

If you’re in the UK then the Bovington Tank Museum, Duxford Imperial War Museum and the Norfolk Imperial War Museum are all great places for a visit. Otherwise, there are old tanks everywhere from Australia to the Ukraine. 
In The Flesh In The Flesh

Take a look at Tank-Hunter.com and the.shadock.free.fr for more information. Special thanks to Pierre-Olivier from Shadock for letting us use his list of tanks.

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Last Updated On Thursday, March 9, 2017 by Blake at Battlefront