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Grimball's Beasts (USAB05)

Grimball's Beasts (USAB05)
Includes a Company HQ with two M4A3 (late) Sherman tanks, a Heavy Tank Platoon with three M26 Pershing tanks, a Tank Platoon with three M4A3 (late) Sherman tanks, and an Armored Rifle Platoon with five M3 half-tracks and 48 figures.

The Grimball's Beasts army box is no longer in production

Grimball's Beasts (USAB05)
First Lieutenant John Grimball commanded the M26 Pershings that seized the bridge at Remagen. He oversaw the repairs to the bridge while his men kept the Germans at bay, then led his force forward into the heart of Germany, crushing all resistance before him.
Sherman M4A3 (Late)
The M4A3 was developed as a replacement model for the M4 and M4A1. There are two major features that you can use to identify an M4A3 Sherman tank. While the M4A3 improved the breed, some things still needed to be addressed. One of the critical flaws was the fact that the tank’s ammo tended to catch on fire with practically every hit. To fix this, designers added ‘wet’ stowage ammo racks. They also added another hatch on the top of the turret to help the crew get out faster.
M4A3 (late) Platoon (UBX44)
M4A3 (late) Platoon (UBX44)
Sherman M4A3 (Late) in Flames Of War
Name Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes
Weapon Range