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Firestorm Villers-Bretonneux

Firestorm: Villers-Bretonneux
24 - 27 April 1918.
with Jökull Gislason 

Updated 15 November 2023

Jökull Gislason is the lead playtester from our Icelandic playtest group and is an avid gamer and "campaign guy". When he heard about Great War he immediately said "So how can I make a Firestorm for this?" He shares his thoughts on Firestorm: Villers-Bretonneux...

Firestorm: Villers-Bretonneux is the recreation of the Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux. This battle is famous in military history as the first battle where opposing tanks met. As a playtester I have the privilege of having access to projects under development at Battlefront. My group declined to take part in the Great War design but the project fascinated me, and I started to work on a Firestorm. I had not before spent much time in research of the period of the Great War and never focused on any particular battle, so this is rather new to me. This year marks 100 years from the start of the First World War so it is a good time to give the Great War consideration.

Having written five Firestorms previously, I feel very comfortable with the medium. Adjusting the rules to my needs and Firestorm Villers-Bretonneux is no different. To start with, it is a completely different period than previous Firestorms and it is not a Campaign, but rather a Battle of 4 days in April, 1918. With that in mind, it is much shorter than previous Firestorms and is therefore very suitable to two players. It also gives you an excellent framework to bring your new armies to play and recreate the very battle that is Battlefront’s entry into the Great War.

To see a larger version of the board click here (right click, save as)...

Firestorm Villers-Bretonneux

Again I would like to give special thanks to Maurice V. Holmes Jr. who has been a great help in proofreading this Firestorm. His advice and suggestions make the finished version so much better.

So enter The Great War and bring your new models into battle


Germans assault the brave Tommies
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