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The Art Of War The Art Of War (FW050)

Over 80 pages of Flames Of War model and miniature assembly, modification, painting techniques, markings, weathering, detailing, basing tips and tricks as well as Interviews and Galleries from master modellers.

Introduction to The Art Of War

Inspiration is the word that springs to mind when you say “hobby” to me. It is the word that encapsulates the very first memory I have of seeing a table full of beautifully painted miniatures as a young boy and the word that springs to mind when I recall the battle Peter and I had recently. Hobbies are all about passion and I can think of no better igniter for passion than inspiration.

Having been consumed by the “toy soldier” hobby since we were both young boys Peter and I have wanted to produce a painting/modelling guide of some sort for quite some time. When we sat down to discuss this with our team we ended up with a list of possibilities from great downloads for the website to a 300 page tome, all of which excited us but still left is having to choose a place to start.

The Art Of War is our first stab at bringing you inspiration, combined with some knowledge, from our team and a group of long-term toy solider addicts who share their views and their models with you today.


It is a brave man who displays his passion for the world to see and judge but we are all driven by our willingness to share our hobby with other fellow addicts.

Painting tips

The Art Of War should leave you feeling proud to be part of the hobby and maybe even a little wiser for having learnt something new. Despite being in my third decade of “toy soldier” addiction I discovered several new tricks myself after reading this book.

So enjoy and applaud the contributors to this book, as it is our wish to bring you more of your fellow enthusiasts work in future issues of The Art Of War, keeping the inspiration flowing for this great hobby of ours.


Design Notes
From the graphic designer and head writer of the modelling techniques section.

The interviews reinforce that although most of us have very similar histories with regard to this hobby, we all have distinctly different methods for reaching the final stage of completing a miniature. The interviews were the catalyst that started the whole project, but we didn't want to stop just there. If these community painters were going to talk about various techniques and how they achieve their individual styles, then we really need to gather up and share as many of these painting and modelling tit-bits as we can.

More painting techniques
Basing The whole team here at Battlefront sat down and came up with a huge list of techniques, tips and methods from which the different approaches were researched (this required copious amounts of tea and biscuits), then the information is offered in a way that lets you choose whether to incorporate it, or parts of it, into your existing technique. I believe that everybody has a personal style and order that they prefer to do things, and rather than impose a specific step-by-step based on one persons opinion, I have only suggested an order to apply the various techniques and have left it up to the individual to decide exactly how each technique fits into his or her current style.
You will find some fresh information that will really allow you to take the whole painting and modelling process to a new depth, from planning the theme of your force right down to applying the final details that allow your force to visually tell a story. There is even a section that aims to help improve you miniature photography skills, helping you get more value from internet sales or just to better show off your masterpieces on our forum.
One of Tom Wise's massive armies
I believe this hobby should be about enjoying every step of the process, from basing and completing a complex multi-colour camouflage scheme to beating an adversary on the battlefield. I am confident that, no matter your experience, there will be something new in The Art Of War for you to incorporate into your hobby.


Last Updated On Thursday, November 8, 2007 by Wayne at Battlefront