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Fortress Italy (FW118)

Gebirgsjäger Heavy Mortar Platoon (GE838)
includes one Command SMG team, six Heavy Mortar teams, three Observer Rifle teams, four Small three-hole bases & six Large five-hole bases.

The heavy mortars of the Gebirgsjäger Regiment’s weapons company provide excellent heavy support, ideal for mountain warfare. The 12cm heavy mortar gave Gebirgsjäger units a support weapon with greater firepower than other mortars commonly in service at the time such as the 8cm GW42 medium mortar. The 12cm sGW43 mortars could be easily packed up and loaded on mules for transport on dusty mountain trails.

This product is no longer currently available for sale...

Gebirgsjäger Heavy Mortar Platoon (GE838)

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