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The Battle For Villers-Bocage
Normandy, 12-16 June 1944

The Allies swarmed ashore on 6 June 1944 and gained a foothold in France. Over the next several days both sides raced forces to the battlefield in an effort to establish their operational supremacy. Slowly the Americans pushed back the German 352. Infanteriedivision while the British troops fought against the veteran Panzer Lehr Division.

The race is on as the famous Desert Rats run around the flank of the German positions and plunge deep into the rear area of the 1. SS-Panzerkorps. Only the famous Tiger ace Obersturmführer Wittmann and a few Tigers stand in their way after making an all night drive to Point 213. 

It is here the race will be decided in classic fashion as the steel beasts of modern war clash in an epic struggle to determine a winner. The chance to take the port of Caen and rout two German Panzer Divisions was to be decided by a few brave men.    

Tigers attack

Inside You Will Find:

• History of the battle for Villers-Bocage.

• History and organisation of the German 101. SS‑Schwere Panzerabteilung and the Panzer Lehr Division.

The fighting inside Villers-Bocage
Villers-Bocage pages

• Options to field a Schwere SS-Panzerkompanie from 101. Schwere SS-Panzerabteilung, and Panzer, Panzergrenadier, Panzerpionier or Aufklärungs companies of Panzer Lehr Division.

• History and organisation of the 7th ‘Desert Rats’ Armoured Division.

• Exploits of Obersturmführer Michael Wittmann, commander of 2. Kompanie, 101. Schwere SS-Panzerabteilung and Sergeant Tom Stanley of the Queen’s Royal Regiment.

• Three new linked scenarios: to be played separately or as part of a campaign;  Wittmann’s Wild ride, Point 213, and the battle for Villers-Bocage.

• Extensive uniform painting guides.

Inspirational colour photos.
Tigers push down a street pass their defeated enemy
Panzerabteilung page Scenario page
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