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Beasts of War Gaming in the Gaps
Beasts of Wars Video Series: Flames Of War For The Win
Beasts Of War presents a new series dedicated to Flames Of War. Join Warren as he takes his first steps into the world of Flames Of War; joining him is David who is on hand to help Warren on this journey of discovery and teach him the nuances of the game. Together Warren and David prove that you don’t need a degree in history to get started in Flames Of War.

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Episode One
Warren creates his first Flames Of War army using Open Fire with David's guidance.
Episode Two
Warren puts his army to the test as his Germans take on David's British in Warren's first game of Flames Of War.

Episode Three
Warren unveils his plans for the Nachtwolfen. A unit pulled together from gap between reality and fiction, what may have been but never will never will be. Warren also talks about the imtimidation factor of getting into a game with so many miniatures, lists and books.

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