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U-Boat Sinks Transport Ship Carrying Vital Supplies

“A survivor from the H.M.S. Kiwi who was pulled from the sea said he saw a U-Boat with the distinctive markings GW on the side dive under the waves shortly after the ship was struck by a torpedo.” People remain outraged at the attack saying that nobody ever wants to hurts a kiwi and that most people could not understand why they had been targeted as the shipment of D-Day supplies was desperately needed by the gaming community.


Better Know Your Normandy Compilations
There is a lot of conversation about the new compilations and one of the questions that many readers and posters have had in one form or another is, ‘What’s actually in the books?’ We think that’s a fair question, so we've provide two downloadable PDFs covering the Army Lists featured in both books.

Download a PDF of the Army Lists featured in Atlantik Wall here...

Download a PDF of the Army Lists featured in Overlord here...

Atlantik Wall (FW114) Overlord (FW115)

In more realistic news Battlefront Miniatures announce that due to unforeseen customs issues their shipment of D-Day books will not be landing on time. Unable to arrive for the beach landings as planned the release date of the new books and the start of the campaign being run on WWPD will be moved back two weeks to Saturday 29th June.

“This is one of those times where the world of customs and paperwork has won and delayed our release but we promise that you will not be disappointed when you see these two new books in all their glory.”

~ John-Paul.

Operation Overlord at WWPD


Or sign-up at the official WWPD Operation Overlord website: http://overlord.wwpd.net/

Or discuss Operation Overlord on the WWPD forum here: Operation Overlord on the WWPD forum...


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