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New Wrap Compilations, New Pricing

With the Operation Market Garden compilations released earlier this year, the observant amongst you might have noticed that the two books together do not add up to the price of two books separately. Therefore, we have decided to reward those of your who pick up both books together with a special price. This is not a limited time offer but an ongoing price that we are also going to extend to the previously released pairs of books, you can see those pairings and what they contain below.

~ John-Paul.

Desert War: 1940 - 1941 (FW401)
Battles for North Africa and the Mediterranean
FW401 - £50 • €70 • US$85 • AU$100 • NZ$125
Check out Desert War: 1940 - 1941 in the online store here...
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Desert War: 1940 - 1941 Desert War: 1940 - 1941
Mid War: 1942 - 1943 (FW402)
Battles for North Africa, Italy and the Eastern Front
FW402 - £50 • €70 • US$85 • AU$100 • NZ$125
Check out Mid War: 1942 - 1943 in the online store here...
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Mid War: 1942 - 1943 Mid War: 1942 - 1943
Operation: Bagration (FW404)
The Battle for Eastern Europe January 1944 - February 1945
FW404 - £50 • €70 • US$85 • AU$100 • NZ$125
Check out Operation: Bagration in the online store here...
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Operation: Bagration Operation: Bagration

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