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Flames Of War
Support Company Competition Swag

Last week we were proud to announce that Marco Rossolini (a.k.a. Mark Ellis in real life) was the winner of our Support Company competition as voted by you, the forum users.  His winning entry represented the Soviet 1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment that fought in a desperate action in the defence of Stalingrad in August 1942.

The amount of swag was so impressive that we just had to show it off! We just hope that the delivery driver has their health insurance up to date for the potential hernia risk when delivering the package.

Learn more about Mark's winning entry here...
The swag includes the following:
  • 1x 152mm Heavy Artillery Battalion (SBX10).
  • 7x 76mm Artillery Battalion (SBX11).
  • 2x Command & Komissar Team 1 (SSO101).
  • 2x Command & Komissar Team 2 (SSO102).
  • 2x Greatcoat Command & Komissar Team (SSO120).
  • 2x 76mm ZIS-3 gun (SU510).
  • 11x 37mm obr 1939 gun (SU540).
    2x 76mm obr 1927 gun (SU560).
  • 2x 122mm obr 1938 howitzer (SU576).
  • 1x Battalion HQ (SU700).
  • 1x Company HQ (SU701).
  • 2x Strelkovy Platoon (SU702).
  • 1x Heavy Mortar Compamy (SU711).
The Swag
Support Company Swag

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