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Flames Of War

Campaign in a Weekend

Ever wanted to be part of a campaign but barely have time to get in a pick-up game or barely able to fulfill your league commitments? No problem! Beginning in mid-January, the Metroplex Monsters will be creating a narrative campaign based on the results of your league and pick up Flames Of War games.

In concert with participating stores current gaming schedules, Flames Of War Rangers will be coordinating, and developing the structure and simple and quick to complete report forms to allow the campaign to be run with minimal additional efforts by players.

We will be creating the campaign based on the actions that took place around Caen shortly after D-Day. Any players that wish to have their games recorded as part of the campaign will be given a very short form that briefly lists sector of the front, forces, mission, losses and score as well as an optional area if the player wishes to more fully describe the action.

The Monsters will collect all the forms after the weekend and we will generate a narrative on the results. Also, we will pick one or two battles during the campaign that will have a more in-depth after action report as a pivotal battle in the campaign.
Area 51 Gaming & Collectibles

Area 51 Gaming & Collectibles
201 N Barton Street
Grapevine, Texas

Starts 26 January 2013.

Texas Toy Soldier

Texas Toy Soldier
4220 Spring Valley Road
Dallas, Texas

Starts 26 January 2013.

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