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Operation Market Garden
FW405 - £50 • €70 • US$85 • AU$100 • NZ$125
Books available separately from February 2013.
Market Garden
Market Garden covers the Allied operations in Holland from September to November 1944. This includes two major operations, one to capture Arnhem, code-named Operation Market Garden, the second to open a deep-water port in Antwerp by clearing the heavily defended Scheldt Estuary.

The first of these operations was the brainchild of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, commander of the British 21st Army Group. The Allies assembled the largest ever airborne force and dropped it along a 60-mile corridor leading from the front lines to Arnhem. Meanwhile, 30 Corps launched its assault north toward Arnhem, linking up with the paratroopers along the way.

The German reaction was quick and brutal as vicious battles broke out all along ‘Hell’s Highway’ and in Arnhem. On both sides, heroic last-stands were fought to the last, bold amphibious assaults were launched, and desperate counterattacks crashed into enemy lines.

Meanwhile, the First Canadian Army launched its own massive attack to clear the Scheldt Estuary. Here, Germans have dug themselves in so tight, that only a bloody step-by-step operation by the Canadians can clear them out.

Market Garden also includes all of the Canadian and British forces that fought in the flooded and muddy battlefields of Holland. The Canadians got so good at fighting in the mud and water of Holland that they earned the nickname, Water Rats.

These are Montgomery’s greatest gambles and now you are part of it. Can you help get the lads home by Christmas?

British Companies
  • Frost’s Perimeter Force
  • Warrior: Lieutenant Colonel John Frost
  • British Parachute Company
  • Warrior: Major General Roy Urquhart
  • Polish Parachute Company
  • Warrior: Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski
  • Airlanding Company
  • Glider Pilot Squadron
  • Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron
  • Airborne Field Company, Royal Engineers
  • Armoured Squadron
  • Armoured Recce Squadron
  • Warrior: Captain Geoffrey Walter Fownes Luttrell, MC
  • Motor Company
  • Lorried Rifle Company
  • 2nd Household Cavalry Armoured Car Squadron
  • Inns of Court Armoured Car Squadron
  • Commando
American Companies
  • Parachute Rifle Company: 82nd Airborne Division
  • Warrior: Major Julian Cook
  • Warrior: Brigadier General James Gavin
  • Parachute Rifle Company: 101st Airborne Division
  • Warrior: Major General Maxwell Taylor
  • Glider Rifle Company
Canadian Companies
  • Canadian Armoured Squadron
  • Canadian Armoured
  • Recce Squadron
  • Warrior: Major David V. Currie, VC
  • Canadian Motor Company
  • Canadian Armoured Car Squadron
  • Rifle Company
  • Recce Squadron
Bridge by Bridge
The Allies have landed a massive airborne force behind our lines and reports have arrived telling grim stories of a strong British armoured attack south of Eindhoven. There can be only one objective: a crossing over the Rhine at Arnhem. I needn’t tell you that this would spell disaster for Germany!

All along the Belgian-Dutch border, German troops dig-in their heels and put an end to the Allied pursuit across France and Belgium. There, the canals and flooded fields of Holland will slow the Allied advance and give them time to organise a strong defence of Germany.

With the outbreak of Operation Market Garden, the German reaction is instant. The II. SS-Panzerkorps happens to be ideally placed to resist the British paratroopers in Arnhem, while a wide assortment of ad-hoc battlegroups are organised to oppose the American paratroopers and the 30 Corps along ‘Hell’s Highway’.

These battlegroups range in quality and motivation, including Fallschirmjäger, heavy tanks, training battalions, machine-gun companies, and fragments of SS formations. Strange formations, such as whole battalions of anti-aircraft guns and fortress machine-gun battalions have been called up to block the Allied assault.

Despite the motley appearance and equipment of these troops, they all have one goal in mind: to keep the Allies out of and away from their beloved Germany. The Führer himself has issued orders to hold until the last man and bullet are spent in defence of the Fatherland—nothing will make these men fight harder!

The defence of the Reich starts here and you will lead your kampfgruppe to glory!

German Companies
  • Veteran Fallschirmjägerkompanie
  • Ersatz Fallschirmjägerkompanie
  • Warrior: Friedrich Feiherr von der Heydte
  • Schwere Panzerjägerkompanie
  • Grenadierkompanie
  • Pionierkompanie
  • Panzerkompanie
  • SS-Sperrverband Euling
  • Warrior: SS-Hauptsturmführer Karl-Heinz Euling
  • Kampfgruppe von Fürstenberg
  • Sperrverband Harzer
  • Kampfgruppe von Swoboda
  • SS-Kampfgruppe Brinkmann
  • SS-Kampfgruppe Graebner
  • Warrior: SS-Hauptsturmführer Victor Graebner
  • Kampfgruppe Knaust
  • Warrior: Major Hans-Peter Knaust
  • Kampfgruppe Hummel
  • SS-Kampfgruppe Arnheim
  • SS-Kampfgruppe Spindler
  • StuG Batterie
  • Schwere Panzerkompanie
  • Kampfgruppe von Tettau
  • Warrior: SS-Sturmbannführer Georg Sonnenstuhl
Operation Market Garden Releases
British Releases
Product Code
Product Name
Water Buffalo
BR157 Archer
RAM Kangaroo
BR218 C15TA Armoured Truck
Sawn Off Daimler
20mm Polsten AA Gun
Land Mattress Rocket Launcher
Late War British Decal Pack
PIAT Battery Carrier (Upgrade Pack)
Hell’s Highway: Guards Armoured Recce Company
German Releases
Brummbär (Late)
30cm NW42 Rocket Launcher
Warriors of Market Garden
American Releases
Priest Battery
US Para Commanders
Objective Releases
TO015 82nd Airborne Objective Set - Direct Only
TO016 British Para’s Objective Set - Direct Only
TO017 British Guard’s Objective Set - Direct Only
TO018 Irish Guard’sObjective Set - Direct Only
TO019 Welsh Guard’s Objective Set - Direct Only

New Compilations, New Pricing
With the newest of our compilations due out in the first few weeks of the New Year, the observant amongst you might have noticed that the two books together do not add up to the price of two books separately. With the arrival of the Market Garden compilations we have decided to reward those of your who pick up both books together with a special price. This is not a limited time offer but an ongoing price that we are also going to extend to the previous pairs of books in the New Year, you can see those pairings and what they contain below. Now I have made you look at the bottom of the article I am sure you might be asking where are the D-Day books but given that is one of my topics in my end of year round up next week you will just have to check back to find out.

~ John-Paul.

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