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Rangers Lead The Way:
Boots on the Ground in North America

Successful Rangers events have been happening all over Europe and North America. In this article we present a report on a Ranger event held recently in North America.

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Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon
with Rick Gearhart

We each took a vacation day to get down to AdeptiCon on Friday. A little work emergency set me back a few minutes Friday morning, but we got to AdeptiCon with all of our toys at 9:00am. We introduced ourselves to Dave, Brian, Eric, and the others and then set-up.
Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon
Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon We were non-stop all day Friday and Saturday. We ran a total of sixty two demo games (I kept track on a piece of paper; though Lee is convinced I missed some). We’d sent five different folks up to Battlefront's booth on Friday to buy a copy of Open Fire, only to find out that there were never any in stock there. We talked to Bryan and decided we'd go and grab all of the Open Fires in Kenosha from Rockheads and Outpost. We brought these back on Saturday and sold them.
People were snapping pictures and asking questions around our display board all weekend. Bell of Lost Souls and Beasts of War both came round and interviewed us.  Bell of Lost Souls went so far as to ask us to become regular contributors to their site on all things Flames Of War.

We also met Luke and Taz, a couple of regulars from Unique Gifts and Games in Grays Lake. This is the place we've been trying to get into for a Demo Day for about 2 months.  We'd resigned ourselves to just showing up for the whole eyes and ears recon deal rather than a demo day previously.  However, after a conversation with Ken (the owner of UGG) we've been invited out on 19 April for a proper Ranger Demo Day. We'll be sending them a flyer later today.
Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon
Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon When it was all said and done, this was far and away the best set of Ranger Demos we'd ever done. I know AdeptiCon is a special case, but we want to do more work like this in the future.
I have also attached pictures of our teaser table to let people see what they are in store for if they come to attend our D-Day game in June.

~ Rick.
Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon  Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon
Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon
Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon
Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon Battlebadgers At AdeptiCon

Rangers At Strategies Games

On 22 March, Strategies Games held their annual Miniature Demo Day. Among the steam robots and green angry things from space, a platoon of brave German Grenadiers once again took up the defensive positions around a V1 rocket site to prevent it falling into the hands of Anglo-American forces.

Rangers At Strategies Games
Rangers At Strategies Games In all we ran three demos for people with varying levels of familiarity with the Flames Of War rules. Two were brought by their friends to try it out, while another was a player of other gaming systems but was interested in the historical aspects of Flames of War. Germans managed to take all three games; some with excellent shooting and others with late game heroics that broke the fighting spirit of US paratroops.
Everyone had a good time and we invited to come back on the store’s Grand Market Garden Campaign Day where three tables will represent the Eindhoven-Arnhem corridor. Rangers At Strategies Games Rangers At Strategies Games

Demo Day At Tramp’s Comics & Games Demo Day At Tramp’s Comics & Games
with Lance Mathew

I had two of the Flames Of War Regina Rifles meet me and set up a regular game of 1650 versus 1650 having learned from the last demo day that the best way to attract players was to have them see the game in action. Stephen and Sean set up a Hungarian Tanks versus Canadian Paratroopers. They rolled up No Retreat and Sean’s Paratroopers seemed pretty thin against the Stephen’s Hun horde.

Meanwhile, I set up my first demo game against Brad. Brad played aggressively with the demo German list, which suffered under the guns of stationary Semi-indirect firing British Shermans.
Glancing over at Sean and Stephen’s game I noticed the naval bombardment had more than evened the odds and Sean was now punishing Stephen’s forces for daring to even to show up on the battlefield. Stephen grudgingly capitulated.

My next demo series game was played with a young gentleman from Yorkton named Isaac. Isaac’s German Grenadiers left a trail of dead and dark plumes of British Shermans it was evident he was hooked. Unfortunately, he only comes into Regina every three months or so; Darn Farmer Johns!

One thing I noted was that I really needed was business cards – will have to get on that ASAP!

~ Lance.

Pick-up Game At Active Imagination
with Keith Callison

I staged a game Saturday with Mike Alberding; Mike had observed the tournament held on 8 February 2014, this generated his interest in Flames Of War. He had bought the last Open Fire box set in the store prior to the game, and had some questions.

Pick-up Game At Active Imagination
Pick-up Game At Active Imagination He took over my Reluctant Veteran Desert Rats Armoured Squadron against Confident  Veteran Hermann Goering Grenadierkompanie in a 1650 point Late-war fight; Encounter was the scenario.

Desert Rats 7th Armoured Squadron consisted of  two Cromwells in the HQ Section; two Combat Platoons each consisting of three Cromwells and a Firefly; a  platoon of two Crusader AA tanks; two Recon platoons of three Stuart V tanks and three Daimler I armoured cars; a Motor platoon; an Artillery Battery of four 25pdrs and a Sherman OP and finally Limited Typhoon Air Support.
Hermann Göring Division was consisted of the HQ Section and a Panzershreck; two Grenadier Platoons; two 15cm infantry guns; two 8.8cm FlaK36 Anti-aircraft guns; four 10.5cm howitzers; four Panzer III (one with 7.5cm gun) and six  Armoured Cars.

Final result: Minor Victory British. They got mauled but won the game. Ihad a great time teaching Mike. I am looking forward to the next demo day on 8 March 2014 at Active Imagination starting at 1100hrs.

~ Keith.
Pick-up Game At Active Imagination

Demo Night At Niagara Demo Night At Niagara
with Travis Bennett

We had a great event!  All twelve of my demo games went off without a hitch. Per the stores requests I used only armour in order to keep the games fast. About 80% of the players had already purchased Open Fire! and really wanted to see the rules in action.
The new players seemed to grasp the rules and I have made arrangements to hold a 600 point game night on Fridays to help the newer players get a better handle on the rules and army list creation.

~ Travis.
Demo Night At Niagara

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