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Flames Of War Forum Reorganisation
with John-Paul.

The past twelve months have been exceptionally busy for us on all fronts and the forum has seen its busiest year on record in terms of both traffic and users. It is no secret that we have been discussing how to get the most out of our forums in terms of providing a two-way form of communication between ourselves and you, our customers. It is our intention in the New Year to change the structure and organisation to allow everybody to navigate, discuss and get clarity on issues in a more predictable and productive way.

The principle we have used for this new format is to try and group and define areas better to make it easy to find what you really want and then to have “champions” for each section so that feedback and answers come on a regular basis. Some sections will remain as they are but others like “General Discussion” have been replaced with three specific sections covering most of the talk that used to take place in there. In all we are hoping this will streamline things and keep focus on what discussions are really need to be about.
Over the holiday break we would like to take the opportunity to gather your feedback regarding the proposed new organisation - we have created a forum thread for your comments.
Proposed Structure
1. Flames of War News
  • Look Here First - Help and Rules (locked forum).
  • Announcements (locked forum).
  • Product Questions.
2. What's Happening
  • Club Notices.
  • Events and Tournaments.
  • Store Events.
3. Gaming
  • New Recruit Questions.
  • Rules Questions.
  • Tactics.
  • Battlereports and Campaigns.
  • Website Intel Briefings Under Review.
4. Modelling
  • Modelling and Painting.
  • Gallery.
5. History
  • Armies and Histories.
  • Battles.
Forum Pruning
There has been a lot of discussion in the forums regarding our regular pruning of the forum. This is something that we must do on a regular basis in order to keep the total size of the forum under control, as well as maintaining site performance. We believe the forum is a place for discussion, not a library where information is kept forever. However we do actively encourage people to submit articles to the website (whether they be about painting, modelling, unit histories or general history) rather than posting them in the forum. This way they can be formatted and shared with the world as well as being linked to specific products or books to encourage further reading.
When the changes to the organisation of the forum go ahead we will be doing a serious round of pruning, so we would encourage you to have a look at any posts that you have made or you find useful that you think would make for good articles and submit them to us at: editor@battlefront.co.nz

We look forward to receiving your feedback over the coming weeks.

~ John-Paul.

Last Updated On Thursday, December 20, 2012 by Blake at Battlefront