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Sawn off Daimler (BR312)

Sawn-off Daimler (BR312)
includes one Sawn-off Daimler with commander figure.

C Squadron’s experience since landing just after D-Day has taught the regiment that small, agile troops of scout cars can perform scouting duties better than the more cumbersome armoured cars. As such, in July they re-organised so that each squadron would have six light platoons of two scout cars and three heavy troops of a scout car and two armoured cars.

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Market Garden
Market Garden covers the Allied operations in Holland from September to November 1944. This includes two major operations, one to capture Arnhem, code-named Operation Market Garden, the second to open a deep-water port in Antwerp by clearing the heavily defended Scheldt Estuary.

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Market Garden
Sawn off Daimler (BR312) In order to fulfil the need for additional scout cars to meet the new squadrons’ demands, the crews and the divisional REME used their ingenuity to bodge us additional scout cars from our excess armoured cars. Removing the turret and front mud guards from a Daimler Armoured Car lowers its weight and ground pressure enough to convert it to a versatile light reconnaissance vehicle. These field-modified cars are known as Sawn-off Daimlers, or simply SODs, within the Inns of Court.

Designed by Evan Allen & Tim Adcock
Painted by Aaron Mathie

The Sawn Off Daimler in Flames Of War
Equipment and Notes
Sawn Off Daimler
Jeep 1 0
AA MG, Recce.
with PIAT anti-tank projector
10 5+
Hull mounted.
Sawn off Daimler (BR312) Sawn off Daimler (BR312)
AA MG (Anti-aircraft MG)
Many vehicles are fitted with anti-aircraft machine-guns to protect the crews from strafing and dive-bombing aircraft. These are fired by the crew from the open hatches of their vehicles. Manning the anti-aircraft machine-gun during an assault invites a grenade through the open hatch if the defensive fire isn’t effective.

An AA MG has an all-round Field of Fire and is a Self-defence Anti-aircraft weapon (see page 182 of the rulebook) allowing it to engage aircraft as well as targets on the ground. However, firing an AA MG leaves the vehicle more vulnerable. In assaults a tank that fired an AA MG in this or the previous player’s turn has a Top armour rating of 0.

Anti-aircraft machine-guns can be fired at the same time as other machine-guns, but not at the same time as a Main Gun, since the commander and gun crew cannot do two things at once.

Sawn off Daimler (BR312) Sawn off Daimler (BR312)
Hull-mounted Guns
Some tanks mount weapons in the front of the hull instead of in a turret to save weight or to make them easier to produce.

A hull-mounted weapon mounted in the front of a vehicle has a 180-degree Field of Fire covering everything in front of a line drawn across the front of the vehicle. If the weapon is mounted at the rear of the vehicle, the Field of Fire covers everything to the rear of a line drawn across the rear of the vehicle.
Sawn off Daimler (BR312) Sawn off Daimler (BR312)
Reconnaissance Platoons
Reconnaissance platoons (recce platoons for short) are a commander’s ‘eyes and ears’ on the battlefield. Composed of lightly-armoured vehicles or stealthy infantry, their task is to push out in front of an advancing army and ascertain the strength and disposition of the enemy. This information allows a commander to direct his attacks against points in the enemy line where the opposition is the weakest. In defence, recce platoons act as a screen, keeping the enemy from learning a force’s dispositions while gathering information about when and from where any attack will come.

A Reconnaissance Platoon is any platoon noted as such in the Intelligence Handbooks. All teams in a Reconnaissance Platoon are Recce teams. Teams attached to a Reconnaissance Platoon are not Recce teams unless they are attached from another Reconnaissance Platoon. Recce teams use the special rules on pages 193 to 195 of the rulebook.

Sawn off Daimler (BR312) Sawn off Daimler (BR312)
Contents of the Sawn-off Daimler Blister Pack
Contact the customer service team at customerservice@battlefront.co.nz if you have any issues with any of the components.
Sawn off Daimler (BR312)
Description of Components
a. 1x Bren AA MG.
b. 1x PIAT launcher.
1x Commander figure.
d. 1x Front wheel assembly sprue.
e. 2x Rear wheels.
f. 1x Resin hull.
Assembling the Sawn-off Daimler
Step 1. Begin assembly by attaching the rear wheels to the resin hull.

Note: The rear wheels have been keyed to fit each side of the resin hull, s
ee the example below.
Sawn off Daimler (BR312) Sawn off Daimler (BR312) Sawn off Daimler (BR312)
Step 2. Next, attach the two suspension assemblies to each side of the front of the resin hull.
Step 3. Once the suspension assemblies are attached, secure the front wheels each side of the vehicle. Step 4. Next, attach the Bren AA MG.
Sawn off Daimler (BR312) Sawn off Daimler (BR312) Sawn off Daimler (BR312)
Below: A PIAT launcher is also included as a option for the Sawn-off Daimler. Step 5. Finally, add the commander figure to the fighting compartment. Below: With the commander figure in place, the Sawn-off Daimler is ready for painting.
Sawn off Daimler (BR312) Sawn off Daimler (BR312)
Sawn off Daimler (BR312)

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