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Fully Painted Bocage (Extras) (BB166)
includes one pre-painted Sharp Corner section, one pre-painted Easy Corner section, one pre-painted Short Bombed section, one pre-painted Bombed Straight section & one pre-painted Y section.

The Bocage is an area covering the southern and western part of Normandy. It is made up of many small irregular fields bordered by the hedgerows that give the area its name.

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Bocage (Extras) (BB166)
Bocage hedgerows have thick stone banks, formed when the fields were cleared in antiquity, topped by dense hedges of trees and bushes. While the hedgerows are excellent for keeping cattle from straying, they are almost impassable to vehicles and even to troops on foot they present a major obstacle.
The Bocage (Extras) Set
The Bocage (Extras) Set
The area is rural, so most roads are small lanes designed for horse-drawn carts, barely wide enough for a motorised vehicle. The main roads between the towns are wider and more modern, but few and far between. Roads are usually banked up on both sides and lined with trees that often meet overhead.

The farm buildings are usually made of the same grey stone as the hedgerow banks. The tile-roofed houses are rather plain with little in the way of decoration to break their square lines.
Below: Bombed Straight section (1x).
Below: Short Bombed section (1x).
The Bocage (Extras) Set The Bocage (Extras) Set
The farmers of the area mostly raise cattle to make the famous cheeses of the region and grow apples to make into potent Calvados brandy. Crops like corn and wheat are mainly restricted to the flatter open areas around Caen.

Sculpted by Jason Buyaki
Below: Sharp corner section (1x). Below: Y section (1x).
Below: Easy corner section (1x).
The Bocage (Extras) Set The Bocage (Extras) Set The Bocage (Extras) Set
A British Sherman Platoon Advances Through The Bocage
Bocage (Extras) (BB166)
Bocage (Extras) (BB166) Bocage (Straights)
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Left: The contents of the Bocage (Straights) set.

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