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GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)

Mortar Platoon (Winter) (GE845)
includes six 8cm GW34 mortars with crew, one Command SMG team (with optional Panzerfaust upgrade), three Observer Rifle teams, one Small three-hole base, three Small two-hole bases & six four-hole Medium bases.

The 8cm GW34 (Granatwerfer 34, meaning grenade launcher model 1934) was a conventionally designed medium mortar. Mortar crews from other nations would find nothing strange or unusual about it when comparing it with their own weapons of the same type.

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The Ardennes Offensive
In December 1944 the German forces on the Western Front made one last major push in the Ardennes and Alsace-Lorraine, trying to split the Allied forces in half and force them to negotiate a peace treaty. It was a daring all-or-nothing gamble.

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The Ardennes Offensive: German Forces in Lorraine and the Ardennes, September 1944 - February 1945
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter) Volks Mortar Platoon
Mortars play an important role on both defence and attack. They can be quickly called on to deliver deadly fire on an attacking enemy, especially if they can catch the enemy out in the open as they approach the defensive lines.

On attack, they can deliver a barrage on a position to keep enemy heads down and reduce incoming fire on the attacking platoons. In direct support, they are ideal for pin-pointing troublesome guns or machine-guns and knocking them out.

Figures designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Mark Hazell
The Observer Rifle Team
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter) GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)
"Observer teams need a good view of the battlefield in order to do their job correctly. Be sure to deploy them in a position where they have an excellent view of the battlefield such as on a hilltop or on the top floor of a multi-level building."
The 8cm GW34 Mortar Teams
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter) GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter) GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)
"The 8cm GW34 mortar is rated as a Man-packed; therefore it can move up to 6"/15cm in the movement step. This allows them to keep up with the infantry, making them ideal to move forward and support the infantry."
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter) GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter) GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)
"The 8cm GW34 mortar has the ability to fire smoke as a Smoke bombardment. Smoke can be used to conceal your units as they advance across the table or to prevent a specific enemy unit from targeting your troops."
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter) GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter) GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)

GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)

GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)

The 8cm GW34 Mortar in Flames Of War
Range ROF
8cm GW34 mortar Man-packed 40"/100cm - 2 6 Smoke bombardment.

The Contents of the Mortar Platoon (Winter) Blister Pack

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GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)

Command Team
Description of Components
a. 1x NCO figure with hand up.
b. 1x Officier figure pointing with SMG.
c. 1x Standing Rifleman figure.
d. 1x Optional Panzerfaust figure.

Assembling the Command Team
Simply arrange figures A, B and C to taste on the small three-hole base provided. To upgrade the command team to include a Panzerfaust, simply replace figure C with figure D.
NCO Figures
Description of Components
a. 1x Kneeling NCO figure pointing.
1x Prone NCO with SMG and hand up.
c. 1x Standing NCO pointing with SMG.

Assembling the NCOs
The mortar platoon is made up of three mortar sections. Each section is made up of two mortar teams and an observer team. One team in each mortar section needs to contain a NCO figure as part of its crew.
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter) Observer Teams
Description of Components
a. 3x Observer figures holding radio.
3x Observer figures talking on radio.

Assembling the Observer Teams
To model the observer teams, simply arrange figures A and B on the small two-hole bases provided.
Mortar Teams
Description of Components
a. 5x Kneeling figures holding ammo box.
4x Kneeling figures holding mortar round.
c. 6x Mortar loader figures.
d. 6x Mortar and ammo crate sprues.
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)
Assembling the Mortar Teams
Of the two mortar teams in each mortar section, one team contains a NCO figure, a mortar loader figure and an addition mortar crew figure (either figure A or B). The other mortar team contains one of mortar team figure (figures A, B and C). 
Feel free to pick and choose which figure poses make up these teams as long as they stay within these guidelines.
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter) The Bases
Description of Components
a. 1x Small three-hole base.
b. 3x Small two-hole bases
c. 6x
Medium four-hole bases.
Assembling the 8cm GW34 Mortar
To assemble the 8cm GW34 mortar, simply attach the mortar bipod to the mortar tube as shown in the example below.
GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter) GE845 Mortar Platoon (Winter)

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