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15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)

15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)
includes two 15cm sIG33 guns with crew, one Command SMG team, one Observer Rifle team, two Small bases & two Medium Bases.

The 15cm schweres InfanterieGeschutz 33 (sIG33) was designed and built to fulfil the requirement for a powerful, close support gun for the infantry. The German Army preferred infantry support guns rather than the mortar that most other countries tended to favor for this kind of role.

Left: The Command SMG team.

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15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557) The design was conventional but rather heavy for its intended purpose. Originally intended to be horse drawn, later versions had rubber-tyred wheels and air brakes to allow them to be towed by vehicles. Attempts were made to lighten the gun but not many of this version were made, as the alloys needed for the job were more essential to aircraft production.

It could fire a 38kg (84lb) HE or smoke shell out to 4700m at the rate of 2-3 rpm. A hollow charge round was developed but was mainly used to destroy bunkers and other fortifications. A Steilgranate round was developed as well but was also rarely used.

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Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Mark Hazell
The SMG Team in Flames Of War
Firepower Notes
SMG team 4"/10cm 3 1 6 Full ROF when moving.
The Observer Rifle Team
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557) 15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)
"Observer teams need a good view of the battlefield in order to do their job correctly. Be sure to deploy them in a position where they have an excellent view of the battlefield such as on a hilltop or on the top floor of a multi-level building."
The Rifle Team in Flames Of War 
Team Range
Rifle Team 16"/40cm 1 2 6 -
The sIG33 Guns
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557) 15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)
“The 15cm sIG33 gun is rated as Bunker Buster. When a weapon with this attribute scores a hit on a team in a building, it also hits every other team in the building. This can make your opponents think twice about using buildings for cover and concealment.”
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557) 15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)
"In direct fire, the 15cm sIG33 gun packs a punch (Anti-tank 8) despite its limited range (14"/40cm). This can make opponents think twice before trying to overrun their position with tanks."
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557) 15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)
"The 15cm sIG33 gun has a Gun shield which means that even if you fail a Gun save, your opponent must make a Firepower test to destroy that team. But remember, Gun shields only provide Bulletproof cover from shots fired from in front of the gun."
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557) 15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)
"The 15cm sIG33 gun can be used in Early-war with Burning Empires and in Mid-war with Eastern Front."

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The sIG33 Gun in Flames Of War
Weapon Mobility
15cm sIG33 gun Heavy 16"/40cm 1 8 1+ Bunker buster, Gun shield.
Firing bombardments
The sIG33 Guns Prepare to Fire
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)
Contents of 15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE512)
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15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557) Bases
2x Small base.
2x Medium bases.
Command Team Figures
1x Officer with pistol figure.
1x Couching NCO with SMG figure.
1x Standing Riflemen figure.
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557) Observer Rifle Team Figures
1x Couching Rifleman figure.
1x Prone Observer figure.
Gun Crew Figures
8x Gun crew figures.
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)
15cm sIG33 gun
2x Gun barrels.
2x Gun trails.
2x Gun shields.
4x wheels.
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)
Assembling the 15cm sIG33 Gun
Step 1. Attach the wheels to the sides of the gun trail. Step 2. Add the gun barrel to the top of the gun trail. Step 3. Finally, add the gun shield.
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557) 15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557) 15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)
Modelling The Figures
1. Model the Command SMG team on the Small base. Arrrange figures to taste. 2. Model each 15cm sIG33 gun on a Medium base. Again arrange to crew figures according to taste, use the photos featured in this article for inspiration.
15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557) 15cm sIG33 gun (SS) (GE557)

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