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Desert Barbed Wire Obstacles (BB129) Desert Barbed Wire Obstacles (BB129)
with four pre-painted Barbed wire obstacles (8"/20cm x 2"/5cm), one packet of Parched Straw static grass & one packet of Spring Undergrowth static grass.

Composed of masses of densely coiled wire interwoven with sharp barbs, entanglements are capable of holding up the advance of anything short of a tank.
"Barbed wire sections are a cheap and effective way to keep the enemy infantry from assaulting your own positions."

Battlefront TV
Wayne takes a look at deploying fortifications from Hellfire and Back and covers the basic rules to make deploying your Fortified Company a little easier.

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Sculpted by Jason Buyaki

Desert Barbed Wire Obstacles (BB129)
The Barbed Wire Sections
Desert Barbed Wire Obstacles (BB129)
"Site your machine-guns over the wire so that you can inflict maximum damage on your opponent’s troops."
Desert Barbed Wire Obstacles (BB129)
"Bear in mind though that tanks ignore it and clear a path for the infantry following on so make sure anti-tank guns are situated nearby to stop an enemy breakthrough."
Desert Barbed Wire Obstacles (BB129)
"The Desert Barbed Wire sections are ideal for use as part of your fortification when building an army from Hellfire and Back."

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Desert Barbed Wire Obstacles (BB129)
The GF9 Static Grasses Included in the Box
Below: GF9 Static Grass: Parched Straw. Below: GF9 Static Grass: Spring Undergrowth.
Holding back the Italians with the help of the Barbed Wire Obstacles
Desert Barbed Wire Obstacles (BB129)

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