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Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305) Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305)
with two Morris CS9 Armoured Cars, two AA MGs & two Boys Anti-tank rifle gunners.

The Morris CS9 Armoured Car was based on the Morris C9 4x2 15-cwt truck. The chassis was fitted with a riveted hull on top of which sat an open top turret which was able to accommodate two men. The armament for the Morris CS9 was provided by either a Boys anti-tank rifle and a Bren light machine-gun.

Weighing 4.5 tonne, the armoured car was powered by a 96hp Morris 6-cylinder petrol engine and provided a top speed of 45mph (73km/h). The crew of four was made up of a commander, a gunner, a driver and a radio operator. While inside the vehicle they enjoyed 7mm of armour protection.

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"Armoured Cars Platoons are Reconnaissance Platoons."
The 12th Royal Lancers were equipped with thirty eight Morris CS9 armoured cars during the campaign in France in 1940. All of these vehicles were either destroyed in action or abandon on the beaches of Dunkirk following the completion of Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of the Allied soldiers from France.

A further thirty armoured cars were sent to North Africa and saw service with the 11th Hussars. However, like most vehicles developed in the inter-war years; its armour and armaments proved inadequate on the battlefields of the Second World War and was soon replaced by more modern designs.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Blake Coster

Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305)
The Morris CS9 Armoured Car in Flames Of War
Equipment and Notes
Morris CS9
Wheeled 0
Turret Front MG.
Boys anti-tank rifle
16"/40cm 2

Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305) Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305)
"Reconnaissance platoons are trained to make the best use of any concealment, even when on the move."

A Reconnaissance platoon can still move and be Gone to Ground if they are Concealed and did not move At the Double, shoot or assault.
Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305) Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305)
"A Reconnaissance platoon uses the Eyes and Ears rules on page 149 of the mainrule book."
Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305) Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305)
"In Hellfire and Back, the Morris CS9 Armoured Car can replace the turret-front MG with an AA MG at no cost."
Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305) Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305)
Two Morris CS9 Armoured Cars
Morris CS9 Armoured Car (BR305)

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