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Gaming action
Royal Air Force Wargaming Associations Championship Weekend 2011
by Pete Gill

The Royal Air Force Association was formed in October 1986 and is now is looking to celebrate its 25th Anniversary later this year. Membership of the association is open to all serving or ex-UK Armed Forces and MOD civilians.
A lull in the fighting
The championship weekend was held again in Coventry and had several different competitions running in succession and for the last three years Flames Of War has been used to determine the winner of the Association's Modern Land Trophy.
Preparing for battle
This year we had twelve members ear marked to play the Mid-war, 1500 point competition. The competition consisted of four rounds with a random draw used to determine opponents for the first three rounds. The rankings after these rounds were then used to determine the final round draw.

The scenarios were taken from Das Book and each player only played an opponent once and each game where possible was played on a different table for each round.  The same random draw was also used to decide the scenario for each round. This kept the players on their toes, as the scenario was only announced just prior to each game.

Let the battle begin
We lost one player prior to starting on the Friday morning that had been taken ill, therefore we had the players competed in a game where the results didn’t count towards the final standings. These games were spread over the three games that were played on Saturday with a final seeded game being played after the evening meal.

Below: The event participates.
The participates
To give the bottom of the table something to fight over, each player contributed £1 which was awarded as the Wooden Spoon prize to the player who won the game deciding the bottom rankings.

All other players fought against the opponent either below or above them in the final rankings in Free-For-All.

The final results are listed below:

Final Placing
Nation & Force
Bruce "BJ" Heasman US Light Tank
Pete Gill US Armoured Rifles
Neil "Nelly" Mancer British 8th Army Motorised
Simon "Slimes" Campbell-Smith British Motorised
5th Jon Smith British Tunisian Infantry
Marytn "Jevo" Jeavons British 11th Huzzars
Dave Kerr US Infantry
Mick "Howling Mad" Cowley Russian Tanks
Steve Reeve German Panzergrenadiers
Graham Donavan German Panzergrenadier (Wooden Spoon winner)
Wayne Reece British 8th Army Rifle Infantry
The participates

Above: (From left to right) 3rd Place: Neil Mancer, 1st Place: BJ Heasman, 2nd Place: Pete Gill and Wooden Spoon Graham Donavan.

Also if we can be cheeky and ask for anyone interested in joining the Association should contact:

[email protected]

~ Pete.

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