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Salute 2011

The Battlefront group of companies will be out in force again at this year’s Salute, and, as in previous years, our focus will be on showcasing a range of participation games which will be both visually great to look at and fun and exciting to play in. Whether you are a Flames of War veteran, would like introducing to the game, or just want to call over for a look at some great games and a chat with the Battlefront staff, we will make sure you are made welcome and have great fun at the Battlefront Salute 2011 stand.
Flames Of War Open Fire!

It couldn’t be simpler - 3 American Sherman tanks versus 2 German StuGs. Come and play your first game of Flames of War. Our friendly staff will guide you through your boot camp in a matter of minutes and, before you know it, you will be having fun dodging shells and blowing up Panzers in the fields of Normandy.

Open Fire!
Tropic Lightning
Flames Of War Vietnam - Rumble in the Jungle

Love the smell of Napalm in the morning? Then we’ve got some great tabletop action for you - come and join in with a game of Flames of War: Vietnam. Using the ‘Contact! Contact!’ scenario from your free Tropic Lightning Intelligence Handbook, you can either command a team of US troops as they valiantly race to rescue the crew of a downed helicopter, or launch your Tieu Doan Bo Binh Vietnamese infantry in an ambush against the foreign invader.
Flames Of War Blitzkrieg - Ride The Rails

Get behind the wheels of a WWII Armoured Train and ride the rails as it steams through the Polish countryside, guns blazing, in a pitched battle against the German 4. Panzerdivision. This game of Flames of War: Blitzkrieg is based on the ‘Cavalry against Panzers’ article from WI281, set during the German invasion of Poland, and it’s a great introduction to the Early War period.

Wargames Illustrated Issue 283 Gallipoli 1915 - The Battle of Lone Pine

The May issue of Wargames Illustrated focuses on the theme of Gallipoli this year, so we thought it would be perfect timing for our Salute participation game to do the same. This stunningly sculpted terrain board has been designed in association with Grand Manner and features a level of detail rarely seen on a wargames table. As well as being a great spectacle, our Gallipoli table will be buzzing all day with wargaming participation action. Dave Bodley of Grand Manner will be on hand to talk spectators their the construction process of the truly amazing board.

Below: Construction of the 12' x 5' table nears completion.
Construction of the 12' x 5' table nears completion
Special Edition "Once Upon A Time In Germany" Moments in History Diorama

Unveiled at Salute this year we have our latest Wargames Illustrated Moments in History Diorama, featuring Adolph Hitler in the middle of a stirring speech, with Himmler, Bormann and Goering looking on. This diorama will only be available at shows and not via our usual subscription deals or online store so make sure you swing by the WI stand early as there is only a limited number of these available on the day.

Sculpted by Anton Ducrot
Painted by Matt Parkes
Once Upon A Time In Germany
Once Upon A Time In Germany Once Upon A Time In Germany
Once Upon A Time In Germany Once Upon A Time In Germany
We will also have our full range of Flames of War, Gale Force 9 and Wargames Illustrated products available to purchase from our trade stand.
Hall of Heroes
Hall of Heroes Hall of Heroes
Polish Train (PBX05)
Polish Train (PBX05)
UH-1B Hog (VBX02) UH-1D Slick (VBX03)
M113 ACAV (VBX07) M125/M106 Mortar Carrier Platoon (VBX09)

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