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Dmitriy Loza (SU885)

Kapitan Dmitriy Loza (SU885)
with M4 76mm Sherman.

Dmitriy Fedorovich Loza was born near Kharkov on 14 April 1922. He joined the Red Army in 1940 and graduated from the Saratov Armour School in 1942.

In October 1944 Loza’ company fought around Debrecen before his brigade was finally rested and re-equipped during
November. They had their 75mm gun armed ‘Emcha’ tanks replaced with new 76mm ‘Emcha’ (M4A2 Sherman) tanks.

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During January 1945 Loza’s battalion was involved in fierce battles 45km north of Budapest. The corps was holding off attempts by German armoured forces to relieve the besieged city. As deputy commander of the 1st Tank Battalion Loza was made commander of a forward detachment. It consisted of his tank company, two platoons of tank-riders and the ZSU M17 MGMC self-propelled anti-aircraft guns of the battalion. Dmitriy Loza (SU885)
Dmitriy Loza (SU885) In a howling snowstorm in the small hours of 7 January Loza and his detachment slammed into the axis lines through a path cleared by sappers of mines. Loza and his men quickly crushed the first line of defence and the rest of the brigade was able to punch through the gash ripped in the German lines. Working in close conjunction the Tankodesantniki infantry and Emcha tanks quickly overcame the German defenders and pushed deep in to the rear of the defences. The lightning breakthrough was completed when Loza’s detachment over ran an artillery battery located in an old brickworks after a short, but vicious, fire fight.
The corps struck west on the northern bank of the Danube, a move that ultimately would bring German Operation Konrad I to an end. The fighting continued into western Hungary. In March Loza was promoted to Guards Captain and took command of the 1st Battalion. He was later made a Hero of the Soviet Union for his exploits during the battle for Vienna. He completed the war in the far east crushing the Japanese army in Manchuria. After the war he had a distinguished career as an instructor, researcher and author. Dmitriy Loza (SU885)
Dmitriy Loza (SU885) Dmitriy Loza in Flames Of War

Gvardeyskiy Kapitan Dmitriy Loza is a Warrior and a Platoon Command Tank team rated as Fearless Veteran.

Loza may join any Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Batalon and replaces the Command M4 76mm tank in an Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company for an additional +80 points.
Special Rules

Second in Command

Loza was often left in charge of the battalion during the fighting in Hungary.

Gvardeyskiy Kapitan Dmitriy Loza may take Company Morale Checks as if he were the Company Command team if the Company Command team is Destroyed.
Dmitriy Loza (SU885)
Dmitriy Loza (SU885) Battle Tested
Loza’s experience and high initiative gave him a good feel for the battlefield, the enemy’s plans and how to deploy against them. It also gave him the confidence to act decisively.

Hen and Chicks special rule does not apply to Loza. The rest of his Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company still obey the Hen and Chicks special rule, but ignore all movement by Loza.
Spetsnaz Loza
When Loza’s battalion called for a Forward Detachment to be formed for a special mission Loza was always selected.

Loza and his Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company may use the Infiltration special rules on page 182 of the rule book to infiltrate. Where the rule reads Scout Platoon read it as Loza and his Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company.

Loza and his Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company may infiltrate with a Tank Rider Company, Motostrelkovy Company or Razvedki Platoon.
Dmitriy Loza (SU885)
Dmitriy Loza (SU885) Emcha Gunner
Loza had nothing but praise for the Sherman’s M1 76mm gun and believed in getting as many shots off as he and his gunner could.

The M1 76mm gun of Loza’s M4 76mm tank has ROF 3 when stationary and ROF 2 when moving.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown

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Dmitriy Loza (SU885)

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