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Stalin's Europe Casey’s Soviet Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Batalon
From Stalin’s Europe

When Wayne told me what the army briefings were for Stalin's Europe three lists jumped out at me to do, Panzer IV/70s, Hungarian Assault Guns and the 76mm Sherman Batalon. Everyone else started doing Assault guns and Panzer IV/70s though, so I decided on the Sherman's in the end.

Conveniently I found a stash of old M4A3 76mm Sherman miniatures, so I decided that I’d do that army first. The Soviets used the 76mm M4A2 diesel Sherman variant, but since  the only visual difference is on the engine deck, I thought they were close enough, plus our M4A2 model had yet to arrive back from our factory in Malaysia.

I didn’t really have any army list in mind when painting the battalion, I just decided to paint all 21 tanks available, since I already have pretty much all the support platoons available to them already painted.

What I was more interested in was using this as a painting exercise to experiment with faster ways of painting massed Soviet tanks and panel-fading techniques. I’d also just received some samples of the new soviet decals, so thought it would be a great opportunity to really decal up some tanks.

Casey's Shermans
Casey's Shermans

New Soviet Decals...

What I really want to do now is play a large game with my 21 Sherman's backed up by my 21 T-34/85s against the other guys’ Stalin’s Europe armies.

21 Shermans

Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Batalon HQ
1 M4 76mm (M4A2 Sherman)

85 points
Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company
10 M4 76mm (M4A2 Sherman)

670 points
Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company
10 M4 76mm (M4A2 Sherman)

670 points
1425 points
Casey's Command Sherman
Casey's Shermans
Casey's Shermans
Casey's Shermans take on some of Wayne's Hungarians
Casey's Shermans sneak up on a German Panther

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