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German Grenadiers on parade Chris' Grenadier Kompanie

We take a retrospective look at Chris' Grenadier Kompanie:

"After playing Casey we thought it might be a nice idea to spotlight the army that I used at the New Zealand Nationals as well as a couple of other units that were in the box".

See Casey’s Brigada Morskoi Pekhoty (Naval Infantry Brigade) here...

This army was organised using Version 1 Flames of War army lists
Chris' Grenadier Kompanie
"The army that I have been painting up is definitely designed around the basic idea of being able to field pretty much all the options in the Stalingrad army book rather than any particular engagement... after all you never know what combination you might want to field at any given event. So far I have the Company Command, two Grenadier platoons, Artillery, Pak38’s, the deadly 88’s, a matching pair of Brummbars and an Assault Platoon (with all the trappings) completed. Of course with the infantry, Brummbars (and a Ferdinand or two) it does make a great list for the battles around Ponyry Station (otherwise known as "Little Stalingrad") in July 1943."
Assault Gun Platoon
"For me, one of the best things about going to tournaments is that it gives me the impetus to finish those projects that have been lurking around on the painting table."
Artillery Battery
"For the Nationals it was the battery of 105’s and the 88’s. Looking forward to the Battlefront GT later this year I have a third Grenadier Platoon (White Pioneers), Mortars and some more Artillery (a pair of 150mm guns this time) sitting on the painting table waiting for enthusiasm to strike."
"Of course who knows what the coming of Version 2.0 and the new Late War books will inspire me to do."

~ Chris
Company HQ Section
Light Anti-aircraft Platoon
1st Grenadier Platoon
2nd Grenadier Platoon
Heavy Anti-aircraft Platoon
Machine-gun Platoon

Last Updated On Thursday, February 11, 2010 by Chris at Battlefront