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Von Der Heydte (GE773) Tank Hunter Teams (GE773)
with Von Der Heydte, Fallschirmjägerkompanie.

Freiherr von der Heydte volunteered for the Fallschirm-truppen in 1940. He saw action in Crete, Leningrad, El Alamein, Rome and Normandy, winning the Knight’s Cross. Von der Heydte was promoted to Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel) and given command of the 6. Fallschirmjäger-regiment. After Normandy the regiment was transferred to Germany to receive badly needed reinforcements.
Von der Heydte had only just begun to train his new recruits when his unit was urgently sent to Belgium to help stem the British advance.
However, the paratroopers were pushed back into Holland where they joined Kampfgruppe Walther on the highway heading to Valkenswaard.

Panzerfaust Tank Team (GE773)
Panzerfaust Tank Team (GE773) When Operation Market Garden was launched on 17 September, von der Heydte assumed command of the disordered elements of Kampfgruppe Walther.

Through his own initiative, he redeployed his men into effective positions and assumed tactical command of the units on his flanks, replacing officers with his own to guarantee his orders were followed. He also collected the lightly wounded and reinforced key positions to hold the line.

After the British breakout he marched north to Schijndel and commanded the counterattack against the US 101st Airborne Division at Eerde and Koevering.
In Flames Of War

Oberstleutnant Freiherr von der Heydte is a Warrior and a Higher Command SMG team rated as Fearless Veteran.

Von der Heydte is an Independent team and may join a
Fallschirmjägerkompanie for 70 points.

Add up to four Panzerfaust Trap teams for +25 points per team.

Panzerfaust Tank Team (GE773)
Panzerfaust Tank Team (GE773)

You are relieved!

Von der Heydte relieved questionable commanders of any unit under his command, replacing them with his own Fallschirmjäger officers to ensure his orders were followed.

Platoons from the SS and the Heer that are under Von der Heydte’s command are not considered Allied platoons.

Never Surrender

Von der Heydte refused to let the enemy win despite desperate circumstances. Some of his men had served with him since Crete and were confident that Von der Heydte would see them through.

Von der Heydte, and any platoon he is currently leading, always passes Motivation Tests on a roll of 2+.
Panzerschreck Team (GE773)
Panzerschreck Team (GE773)
Rally Once More

As the battle progressed Von der Heydte sought out lightly wounded troops inspiring them to keep fighting. He made sure that he got the most fighting spirit out of his men.

Once per turn Von der Heydte may attempt to reform a team from his force. If an Infantry or Gun team within 6”/15cm of Von der Heydte is Destroyed, roll a die:

If the result is 5+, Von der Heydte rallies the survivors of the team and it continues to fight on unharmed.
Otherwise, the soldiers are too badly wounded and the team is Destroyed as normal.

Kerutt’s Panzerfaust Traps

Kampfgruppe Walther was faced with the challenge of holding back an entire British corps with its much smaller force. Major Hellmut Kerutt, commander of first battalion, 18. Fallschirmjägerregiment, came up with a brilliant solution. Kerutt covered small Panzerfaust teams in deep well-camouflaged foxholes along the main road and important bottlenecks. With nerves of steel they would wait for a dozen British tanks to pass by before leaping up and hitting the column with a savage hail of Panzerfaust rockets. Kerutt’s plan cost 30th Corps precious hours in clearing the roads and made the British paranoid as they crept forward expecting to encounter another ambush!

Panzerfaust Trap Teams

Panzerfaust Trap teams are Infantry teams and are rated Fearless Veteran. They are armed with a Panzerfaust anti-tank launchers with Range 4”/10cm, ROF 1, Anti-tank 12, Firepower 5+, and Tank Assault 6. A Panzerfaust Trap team cannot shoot in the Shooting Step if it moved in the Movement Step.

Panzerfaust Trap Team (GE773)
Panzerfaust Trap Team (GE773) Panzerfaust Ambush

Panzerfaust Trap teams are never deployed at the start of the game. Instead at the start of any Movement Step, the owning player may place any of their Panzerfaust Trap teams in any terrain feature in their own deployment area or No Man’s Land such that the Panzerfaust Trap team is not within 2”/5cm of any enemy team.

Panzerfaust Trap teams may not deploy within 8”/20cm and in Line of Sight of a Recce team unless the Recce team moved At the Double their last turn.

If there are any friendly teams within 4”/10cm, Panzerfaust Trap teams may not fire or Launch an Assault and must immediately Break Off when assaulted.

Well Hidden

So long as a Panzerfaust Trap team remains where it was deployed it always counts as Concealed and in Bulletproof Cover even when it shoots. If a Panzerfaust Trap team moves for any reason, it no longer benefits from Well Hidden.

Panzerfaust Trap Team (GE773)
Panzerfaust Trap Team (GE773) Fanatical Faust-men

Panzerfaust Trap teams are Independent Teams. However, they may never Join a platoon or other Independent Teams. Also, unlike normal Independent Teams, they may Launch Assaults.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter
Von Der Heydte (GE773) Von Der Heydte (GE773)
Von Der Heydte (GE773) Panzerfaust Trap Team (GE773)
Panzerfaust Trap Team (GE773) Panzerfaust Trap Team (GE773)
Panzerfaust Trap Team (GE773) Panzerfaust Trap Team (GE773)
Panzerfaust Trap Team (GE773) Panzerschreck Team (GE773)
Panzerschreck Team (GE773) Panzerschreck Team (GE773)
Panzerschreck Team (GE773) Panzerschreck Team (GE773)
Tank Hunter Teams with Von Der Heydte (GE773)

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