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Flames Of War Logo Origins 2009 Report
Results and Winners

Golf Company the Columbus Ohio Chapter of Game Korps brought the Flames Of War tournament back to Origins. Origins is the birth place of BattleFront’s US tournament scene and was held at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus Ohio. 25-28 June 2009 was a busy weekend, but the boys of Golf Company put on a great show. They hosted 6 event games over the three days and a five-round, two-day tournament with enough room for forty players.

Joe Merz and Paul Dorothy ran the Flames Of War tournament along with support from other Game Korps chapters.  The tournament drew 26 entrants, twice the size of the 2008 Origins turnout. As always Game Korps’ friendly and convivial atmosphere was in evidence and as usual the event space and venue accommodations were excellent.
The qualities of the armies present this year was very high and the tournament tables featured extensive coverage. We received prize support from Battlefront and our local hobby shop and all of the players left with something--first place walked away with a 2nd SS army box set.

The six event game highlights, spanning the gambit of WWII, featured a beautiful Italian mountain village, a D-Day assault on Sword Beach, 12 feet of Russian trenches, dense Orsha ruins and a two-foot replica of the Remagen Bridge. The 6 event games attracted new players and those not interested in the tournament scene. Many of the new players left with a new interest and, for a lucky few, a copy of Open Fire thanks to generous event sponsors.
Members of the Golf Company Game Korps
Dean Rapp's Remagen Bridge Table Two of the event games were focused on Italy scenarios, featuring Pete Mutusak’s beautiful terrain squares. Pete has over 88 square feet of steep Italian cliffs and winding roads that were the envy of all including several visiting Italian gamers.  Dean Rapp of Game Korps brought down his Remagen Bridge scenario that was another major highlight of the weekend.  
Sword Beach featured the British 3rd ID pushing ashore and right into the teeth of the German 716th Infantry all over a beautifully sculpted beach. Golf Company featured two Eastern front games, a Kursk battle with extensive trench lines and a scenario featuring the Udary Assault Sappers and the 78th Storm division fighting in the rubble-strewn streets of Orsha. Sword Beach
The German Advance Begins...
A special thanks goes to Dean Rapp and Game Korps for organizing the Dog Tags for us and also to all the Golf Company members who put together all the lovely table top scenery and provided painted miniatures (especially Matt and his Americans!) for the event games. There was some great modeling and painting on display with an impressive amount of buildings on the tournament tables. Golf Copmany will try and make Origins a bigger and better tournament next year. Thanks to all who attended. Well done everyone and keep honing those fine modeling skills.

- Golf Company-Game Korps
Winners and Results
 Name  Rank  Score
Jon C
 1 82.87
David V.
 2 76.33
Mick Mc  3 73.87
Steven Holl
 4 70.3
Chales Y
 5 70.2
Gerry La
 6 66.3
Phillip Br
 7 66.03
Steve Tin
 8 65.53
Joeseph Wal
 9 64.63
Mark Rin
 10 63.6
Daniel Vi
 11 52.83
Tom Mei
 12 60.87
Clint Coto
 13 55.1
Steve Mac
 14 54.13
Adrain Jo
 15 53.87
James Maf
 16 52.97
Jim Mc
 17 52.83
Steve Sch
 18 51.03
Morgan Mc
 19 49.2
Skip Nic
 20 49.17
DJ Nov
 21 48
Scott Dy
 22 46.87
Randel Fid
 23 37.93
Mike Dot
 24 30.03
Dale Har
 25 21.43
Anthony Bea
 26 16.67

Event Spots will go to the following players:

Gerry Lane, Phillip Brod, Joseph Wallace and Mark Riney.

- Joe

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To The Victors...
...Goes The Spoils
Players Gather Around Remagen
Assault On Sword Beach
The German Advance Continues...

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