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M4 81mm MMC (US202) M4 81mm MMC (US202)

To provide close artillery support for the US Armored Infantry there was a requirement for a halftrack to be developed to provide the mobility desired, as well as capable of carrying the M1 81mm Mortar and sufficient ammunition to support an attack or harass an enemy in defence.

The first M4 Mortar Carrier rolled off the production line in August 1941 and there were a total of 572 manufactured. They first saw action with the 1st Armored Division in North Africa in 1942.
The M4 mortar carrier was based on the half-track car M2, and the mortar was placed in the rear compartment and pointed rearwards. Additional 81mm mortar bomb stowage compartments were placed behind the standard stowage boxes.

A rear door was installed on the M4, but the machine gun skate mount was retained, forcing crewmen to crawl under the skate rail if they wanted to use the rear door. The mortar was intended to be fired from the ground, except for emergency situations, so the vehicles mortar mount was very limited in traverse.

M4 81mm MMC (US202)
M4 81mm MMC (US202)
In Flames of War

In the attack the M4 Mortar Carrier is a great way of pinning your opponent before you pile out of your other halftracks and assault them. They can also keep up with your Infantry as they go racing towards their objectives.

Remember that the Mortar Carrier cannot move and shoot so get into a good position the turn before you need the fire. With a range of 100cm, you can reach out and bombard enemy and then drive away a full 30cm the next turn.

In defence remember to keep them away from anything with a gun. With a front Armour of 1 and a rear armour of 0 they are not at all well armoured. Keep in mind that you have to point their rear at their targets to fire. In defensive situations you can also dismount the M1 81mm Mortar and dig-in.

Designed by Evan
Painted by Colin
M4 81mm MMC (US202)
M4 81mm MMC (US202) M4 81mm MMC (US202)

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