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T-70 obr 1942 (SU016) T-70 obr 1942 (SU016)

By early 1942 it was becoming apparent that the T-60 light tank was too lightly armoured and that its armament insufficient enough to cope with the newer tank models now in German service. The T-70 was developed in order to overcome these shortfalls.
While the T-70 succeeded in offering better firepower and armour protection than its predecessors, the issue of the small one-man turret was never resolved.  The commanders were kept busy acquiring targets, loading and firing the main gun and machine gun, and commanding their drivers. This made co-ordinating any form of attack very difficult.
T-70 obr 1942 (SU016)
T-70 obr 1942 (SU016) While attempts were made to remedy the problem of the overworked commander by fitting an automatic loading mechanism to the gun proved unsuccessful, manufacturing of the T-70 begun in March 1942. By September 1942 it had completely replaced T-60 production.  The last T-70 to be produced rolled off the assembly line in October 1943, by this time 8,226 had been produced. Despite this, the T-70 remained in service till the end of the war.
T-70 Specifications

9.2 tonnes
2 (Commander, Drvier)
10–60 mm
1 x 45 mm gun Model 38;
1 x 7.62 mm DT Co-Ax MG

2 x GAZ-202 70 + 70 hp
15 hp/tonne
Torsion bar
Fuel capacity:
440 litres
Operational range:
T-70 obr 1942 (SU016)
T-70 obr 1942 (SU016) In Flames Of War

Despite being armed with only a 45mm gun, the T-70 can still penetrate the side armour of most tanks even in the Late War period.  Its low cost in relation to platoon size makes it a great tank to use for swarming an objective and assaulting dug-in enemy infantry.

ROF 2; Anti-tank 7; Firepower 4+
Front 4; Side 2; Top 1

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Wayne Turner

T-70 obr 1942 (SU016) T-70 obr 1942 (SU016)
T-70 obr 1942 (SU016) T-70 obr 1942 (SU016)
T-70 obr 1942 (SU016) T-70 obr 1942 (SU016)
T-70 obr 1942 (SU016) T-70 obr 1942 (SU016)
T-70 obr 1942 (SU016)

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