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River Of Hereos


By Ken Camel

In the small town of Sandomierz near the Vistula River, 170 kilometres south of Warsaw, the Soviet Army first met the Königstiger in battle. The Soviet 6th Guards Tank Corps anticipated a German counterattack against their newly won bridgehead over the Vistula River.

Though the Soviets initially thought they were first facing Panthers, they set up an ambush to deal with the expected German attack. Their concentrated fire destroyed the first two Königstiger tanks they saw on the road from Sandomierz. A third Königstiger tank was left in tact and abandoned in the village and the German counterattack was stopped cold.

Ill-advised tactics and soft, sandy terrain prevented the Königstiger from achieving success. Additionally, only half of the original twenty Königstiger deployed were able to reach the battlefield due to serious mechanical failures. Can you use your Königstiger tanks better than the Germans and push the Soviet 6th Guards Tank Corps back across the Vistula?

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Sandomierz Scenario

The 6th Guards Tank Corps of the 3rd Guards Tank Army has set up defensive positions across the Vistula near the town of Sandomierz. The sandy soil surrounding the west bank of the river has prevented the tanks from digging in, but many have hidden amongst the hay stacks prevalent east of the town.

Information from captured German troops has revealed the arrival of a new panzer battalion. Originally identified as twenty Panzer IV and twenty Panther tanks, rumour has spread of a new German super-tank. Last night the sound of many tank engines was heard, but our scouts could not sight them due to darkness and fog.

Expect the Germans to attack this morning.

Your Orders

As commander of the 6th Guards Tank Corps, you have been assigned to hold the bridgehead over the Vistula at all costs. A newly arrived German Tank Battalion has been reported arriving in your area. Do not let it retake the river crossings.

Oberstleutnant von Legat, you have been given command of Germany’s newest secret weapon. Use these powerful new tanks to eliminate the Soviet bridgehead at Sandomierz. Force them back across the river and hold the bridges for our counterattack.

Preparing for Battle

1. Set up terrain using the map as your guide.
2. Place two objectives as identified on the map. Both objectives are on the bridges.
3. Deploy the 6th Guards Tank Corps in the Soviet Deployment Area. The Soviet Deployment Area is 12”/30cm from the centre line towards the German Deployment Area and the Soviet half of the table.
    a. The 51ya Gvardeyskaya Tankovy Brigada has one company in Ambush and one company in Reserves.

Sandomierz Scenario Map
    b. The 71ya Gvardeyskaya Tyazhelyy Tankovy Polk 1ya Vzod must set up on the Soviet rear table edge side on the river.
    c. The 52ya Gvardeyskaya Tankovy Brigada can set up anywhere in the Soviet deployment area.

4. The 1. Zug, 501. Schwere Panzerabteilung sets up in the German deployment area. The German Deployment Area is 12”/30cm back from the centre line.
5. Both players now place their Independent Teams in their deployment zones starting with the defending player.

Beginning the Battle

1. The German Player has the first turn.
2. Soviet Reserves can enter the board from the road on either long side of the table. Points A and B.
3. German Reserves enter from the short side in the German Deployment Area.
Ending the Game
The battle ends when:
1. Beginning on Turn 6, the German Player holds either one of the objectives at the beginning of their turn.
2. One of the forces fails a Company Motivation Check.
3. The Soviet player begins a turn after Turn 6 with no German units within 16”/40cm of an objective.

Deciding Who Won

The German player wins if beginning on Turn 6, they hold one of the objectives at the beginning of a turn, or forces the Soviets to leave the field of battle.

The Soviet Player wins if they hold both objectives and there are no German forces within 16”/40cm of an objective, or have forced the German forces to leave the field of battle.

Special Rules

Ambush - The 52nd Guards Tank Brigade may use the Ambush rules on page 196 of the rulebook.
Sand and Soft Terrain - Extremely soft and sandy terrain dominated the area around Sandomierz. All normal Cross-country terrain other than roads is considered Rough Terrain and is Difficult Going.

Optional Rules

Historical Scenario - You can add the optional reserves to the scenario to play with the historical units that actually took part in the Battle of Sandomierz. Extend the Map size 24”/60cm on both long sides to increase the manoeuvre areas.

Soviet Forces
6th Guard Tank Corps,
3rd Guard Tank Army
6th Guards Tank Corps
(Fearless Trained)

Podpolkovnik L. I. Kurist Corps Command Team (one T-34 obr 1942 tank).
(Treat this tank as a Higher Command Team with no additional abilities).
51ya Gvardeyskaya Tankovy Brigada
1ya Polk
2ya Polk

Command Tank - One T-34 obr 1942 tank
Nine T-34 obr 1942 tanks
Five T-34/85 obr 1943 tanks

(Note : Brigades act as one platoon for Morale purposes)

52ya Gvardeyskaya Tankovy Brigada Command Tank - One T-34 obr 1942 tank
Eight T-34 obr 1942 tanks
71ya Gvardeyskaya Tyazhelyy Tankovy Polk
1ya Vzod
Command Tank - One IS-2 heavy tank
Five IS-2 heavy tanks
Air Support Priority Air Support: IL-2 Shturmovik
Reserves Delayed Reserves: (Optional)
53ya Gvardeyskaya Tankovy Brigada
1ya Polk
2ya Polk

Command Tank - One T-34/85 obr 1943 tank
Nine T-34 obr 1942 tanks
Nine T-34/85 obr 1943 tanks

71ya Gvardeyskaya Tyazhelyy Tankovy Polk
2ya Vzod
Five IS-2 heavy tanks
German Forces
501. Schwere Panzerabteilung mit 6.Kompanie , II/2. Panzerregiment, 16. Panzerdivision 501st Heavy Tank Battalion
(Confident Veteran)

See River Of Heroes pages 64 to 71

Oberstleutnant von Legat
Headquarters 501. Schwere Panzerabteilung
One Company Command Königstiger (Henschel) tank
One Bergepanther recovery vehicle
1. Zug 4 Königstiger (Henschel) tanks
Panzerpionier Platoon 3 Pioneer Squads in Sd Kfz 251/7 half-tracks
Armoured Scout Platoon 4 Armoured Scout Squads
Armoured Artillery Battery 1 Command SMG team, 1 Staff team, 3 Hummels,
and 1 Observer Rifle team in Sd Kfz 250/1 half-track
Air Support Limited Air Support: Stuka JU 87G
Reserves Delayed Reserves: (Optional)
6. Kompanie, II/2. Panzerregiment,
16. Panzerdivision
4 Panzer IV H tanks
2. Zug , 501. Schwere Panzerabteilung
1 2iC Command Königstiger (Henschel) tank
4 Königstiger (Henschel) tanks

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