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The Factory in Birkdale Opens
The Sperrverband at Panzerschreck VIII 2009
By Ken Camel

In an effort to form my Sperrverband company, I feverously began creating a list about six weeks prior to Panzerschreck. I drafted two 88s from the 90th Light Division, two Panzer IV Hs and three StuG III Gs from the 342nd Panzerpionier battalion, and a newly arrived and undesignated Panzergrenadier platoon to form the initial support units. With the addition of four 105s, the Sperr Pioneer and Sperr platoons together with two more Panzer IV H, I assigned von Sicken and Feldwebel Windgruber to round out my force.

Above: The Panzergrenadiers were the first to arrive followed by initial assembly of the 105s.


Right: Next, two Panzer IV Hs straight from the factory arrived and needed to be painted to match the two veterans already in the platoon.

Inking the artillery and Sperrverband personnel to provide additional anti-tank support for my force.

Two Panzer IV Hs Straight From the Factory
Infantry Preparing For Action

Below Left: Von Saucken arrived to speak to the new troops before heading to the front.

Below Right: With the arrival of the three StuG III G and the two Luftwaffe 88s the company was formed and Kampfgruppe Lindig is sent south for Panzerschreck.
Von Saucken Inspects The Troops
The Troops Ready For Inspection

The first action got off to a bad start when up against the veterans of Phil's 7th Armoured Division. A Firefly took out an 88 at range on the first shot.  Poor shooting from the StuGs also prevented the British armour from advancing leaving the Sperr Pioneer platoon alone to fend off a tank assault. Holding the objective with half strength, reserves finally arrived to contest both objectives. Windgruber’s anti-tank platoon chased away one tank platoon but the four Panzer IV Hs only managed to bail one British tank.

The British tank platoon rotated their turrets and scored 6 of eight hits on the Panzer platoon destroying two, bailing one and running off the last. This left the objective to the British and the battle was over. Phil won 6-1.

Phil's 7th Armoured
Phil's 7th Armoured

Sent next to defend against a British Paratrooper force, the Sperrverband held solidly losing only the Panzer Platoon to a determined Paratrooper Platoon. We claim our first victory, 5-2, against Mark and the British paratroopers. Having beaten the British, we avenge our first defeat.

With this victory we were sent to the Russian Front to face Phil Ward and his Motorstrelkovy Company.  A light snow covered the battlefield but the two dug-in 88s on a hill became the heros in holding the line. They took out two KV 85s and two T-34/85 breaking the back of the Soviet tank assault. Though one finally succumbed to a shot from a BA-64 , the Sperrverband held their ground with the loss of only the StuG platoon. Another 5-2 victory.
The second day saw us back on the Western Front facing down a US armoured infantry company from Mike Clement. Again playing defence we dug in away from the town and although we took losses on the right flank and well placed artillery barrage on the advancing American infantry pinned them down and took their toll. Our withdrawal was complete with a final platoon morale save on the Panzergrenadiers and we held on to a 4-3 victory.
The final battle had us back in Germany for a Free For All against Shaun Robinson’s German Grenadier Company supported by Tigers, Hornisse, and 88’s. (Seven 88 tubes). With the Tigers on the right flank the Panzergrenadiers through themselves at the left flank supported by both the StuGs and Panzer IVs.  With artillery support the three platoons managed to take the centre hill eliminating an infantry gun platoon, the 88s, and the Hornisse platoon before the Tigers could reinforce.

A final assault into the woods destroyed a grenadier platoon with the loss of the Panzergrenadiers. The StuGs held on by the skin of their teeth (one dead and two bogged with passing a reluctant motivation) bringing a 5-2 victory to the now veteran Sperrverband Company.
Phil's 7th Armoured
It was a steep learning curve for the newly fielded Sperrverband, but all in all, a great tourney except for the dastardly Phil’s 7th Armour. We’ll be gunning for them next time knowing that the green dice are for the Firefly’s from the beginning.

- Ken Camel and Kampfgruppe Lindig.

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