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Rivers in Byelorussia

Rivers in Byelorussia

Byelorussia is criss-crossed by waterways of all sizes from small streams to major rivers. The advancing Red Army had planned for this and crossed the rivers off the march, throwing infantry across the river as they arrived.
We have devised three different ways of including river crossings in your games.

Rules: The River Assault rules expand Flames Of War by giving infantry the ability to ford previously Impassable rivers in any Flames Of War game.

Mission: The River Crossing mission allows you to play a game centred around a river-crossing operation. This makes an ideal mission to use when attacking across rivers in Firestorm—Bagration.

Scenario: The Crossing the Drut scenario is a historical battle from Operation Bagration for you to re-fight.

We have extracted all the River rules from the Firestorm
Bagration Campaign Book to make the River rules available to all.

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