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SBX13 Assembling the Inzhenerno-Saperniy Batalon

Company Diagrams
Each company diagram indicates the required squads and teams you must have to make that unit combat-worthy. Troops in black are the core of the unit. Troops in grey are optional supporting weapons and vehicles that you can add to give them more punch or mobility. Many platoons also include options that allow you to improve the equipment or capabilities of some of the teams. The platoon entry will also list the special rules that the platoon follows.

The selection of figures included in this box represent the Engineer-Sapper Battalion (SBX13) and all wear SN-42 body armour and camouflage overalls. Box includes MG team and Faustnika team options. Each of the two Engineer-Sapper Companies in the box come with a Command Pioneer SMG team, Pioneer Supply truck, two platoons of seven teams including 5 Pioneer SMG teams and 2 Faustnika team. Up to four Pioneer SMG teams can be converted into Pioneer MG teams with addition of a light machine-gunner.

Additional Assault Sapper Platoons are available in the SU803 platoon pack and contains Pioneer SMG teams. PTRD anti-tank rifle (SU738), Maksim HMG (SU734) and 82-BM-41 mortar (SU735) are available in the appropriate packs.

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Assembly Guide

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