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Wargames Illustrated

Wargames Illustrated

As speculation mounts as to our plans for Wargames Illustrated I thought it was time to share some more information and try and stimulate some of that hobby activity that is the key to creating great content. What we have planned is in essence very simple. From issue 260, on newsstands May 21st, you will see the new WI. This new magazine will be 112pages, up from 80, and contain more content than ever before. You will be getting a free frame of the Perry’s new British Napoleonic’s on the cover and inside a wider selection of articles. The added pages allow us to add both some FOW content and another few articles to enhance the selection in the current magazine. We are going to cover every game, scale and period on the market and bring you the best collections of models from around the world. WI offices are based in Nottingham or the “lead belt” as a friend recently told me it has become know given the excess of miniature companies in the city. From the UK the magazine has always had a steady flow of content but to open this up to the global community we have brought on board a new team member who will effectively be the WI man in the US. Roving reporter, hobby nutter and addict of all things miniature related Dave Taylor will support the UK team and help create and drive content from the US and themed for the US. 

Perry's Plastic Riflemen
Perry's Plastic Riflemen

Daniel Faulconbridge who has been Duncan’s right hand man for many years at WI has stayed on to help transform the magazine and between these two guys and the supporting staff at BF and GF9 we expect to be able to bring you quality content to match what you have come to expect from us.

As part of the new plan we are thinking much further ahead and despite most magazines living month to month we know that the vast array of ideas and content that is out there needs to be guided and delivered to make it real. The magazine is largely created by content we are sent or commission. This process has lead to a varying degree of balance in each issue and trying to plan the choices allows us to get further ahead to give everybody more time to make articles as good as they can be. We will be paying for contributions and should you have an idea you would like to see article written on, or have a burning desire to write something yourself, all you have to do is drop a line to the following email addresses. We have separated them out to make it easier for the guys to select and catalogue the ideas. Just send you idea through and one of the guys will be in touch.



As far as the look and feel goes we will have a few changes but we will be trying to make the magazine easier to navigate, rules and miniature companies easy to track down and content a pleasure to read. The WI website will be the follow on location for additional material and you will find many articles expanded or added to on the website that you will be able to access for free. We want to see WI satisfy the current readership and the new reader alike.

WI 260 will have an assortment of articles covering:

• British Cavalry in WWI and the Great War range,
George Orwell and the Militias during the Spanish Civil War,
Quebec 1690,
The Dacians,
Bannockburn 1314,
A Salute report,
Perry's Plastic Riflemen

How to paint your Perry models,
A Sturmtiger Diorama,
Bagration Campaign History by Osprey,
FOW scenario for Partizans and Polizei,

and a few other surprises to fill the 112 pages and that is all in the first issue…

The magazine will remain at its current UK price of ₤4 and will be sold locally around the world for €6, $8 US and $12 NZ/Aus. 

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