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Wargames Illustrated

Battlefront acquires
Wargames Illustrated  
12 February 2009

Battlefront Miniatures Ltd of Auckland, New Zealand acquires Wargames Illustrated Magazine.

“It has always been a dream of ours (Peter and I) to show the world just how wonderful the entire historical gaming hobby can be in the same way we have done with WWII and Flames of War. Despite having focused on WWII we have always been historical gamers in the broader sense and when the opportunity of being able to take over the reins of Wargames Illustrated arose we jumped at the chance. We have always felt that our weekly web updates gave us some of the fix for Flames Of War but now with the broader printed medium we are very excited about what the future will hold. We have plans to re-launch the magazine soon with an increased page count, a wider range of articles covering every game, scale and era of the historical hobby combined with broader distribution globally so that getting hold of the foremost historical gaming magazine will be easier than ever” says John-Paul Brisigotti, Managing Director of Battlefront Miniatures.

More details will be coming soon so keep an eye on both websites for more information.

Wargames Illustrated has been the foremost historical gaming magazine for over two decades. Based in Nottinghamshire, England the magazine has maintained a strong editorial balance covering the whole spectrum of historical wargaming bringing the breadth of miniatures and games in the market to the spotlight for 256 issues.
Visit www.wargamesillustrated.net for more information.

Wargames Illustrated
Flames Of War Battlefront Miniatures are the world’s leading historical gaming company producing the Flames Of War WWII miniature game and its full range of models and products. From their head office in New Zealand, Battlefront service the demand for Flames Of War from local offices in the US and Europe, manufacturing and retailing direct to stores around the world.
Visit www.flamesofwar.com for more information.

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