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TD012 US Stars & Stripes

TD012 Tokens

Gaming Set
TD012 US Stars & Stripes
(Dark green with white Allied Star)

The assistance rendered by the United States to their allies has been decisive. American industry has equipped not only the US Army, but also those of Great Britain and the Soviet Union.

Backed by advanced technology, the redoubtable American soldier, so untried in his first exchanges with the Germans, is emerging as a resourceful and reliable fighting man, leading the way to victory.

This product is currently out of stock.
The set comes with:

1x Ranged In,
4x Gone to Ground,
4x Dug In,
4x Pinned Down,
4x Bogged Down,
and 4x Bailed Out markers.

It also comes with 16 x themed dice.

TD012 Dice

Like with all our new Gaming Sets we have taken the opportunity to move the Allied Star symbol so it is now on the side of the six (rather than the one as with our older dice).

If you see your unit symbol with these dice it’s a good thing!

Please note: the old version of this dice and token set that came with a Dice Tin is no-longer available.