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Armies of Late-War Unit Cards

Armies of Late-War Forces From 1944-45

Unit and Formation cards play a key role in Flames Of War. Whilst building your army they contain all the relevant information that you need to know to help you build your Force, starting with what Formations are available, what support you can take through to how tanks you get in a platoon. Then, once you start playing your games the Unit Cards have all the information you need to know from how much armour your tanks have to how fast the units move.

If you don't want to lug around an army book then Unit Cards are the ultimate lightweight option!


What is Armies Of Late War?
As there are literally hundreds of Late War intelligence briefings, the approach we took was to pick the core tank formations to collect, along with the most common infantry formations, and make them work with the V4 rulebook without the need for the EW/LW 1939-41 & 1944-45 conversion rules. The result is the Armies of Late War book and four decks of unit cards for all the formations covered in the book.

What to find out more about the book, then read Phil's article here...

British Unit Cards (FW130B)

British Unit Cards (FW130B)
contains 72 Unit Cards

After years of fighting in the desert the British army is ready to return to Normandy and leave behind the ghosts of Dunkirk.

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Unit Cards List
The deck contains the following cards.
  • British Force Card
  • Sherman Armoured Squadron HQ
  • Sherman Armoured Troop (x4)
  • Firefly
  • Stuart Recce Patrol
  • Cromwell Armoured Squadron HQ
  • Cromwell (95mm)
  • Cromwell Armoured Troop (x4)
  • Comet Armoured Squadron HQ
  • Comet Armoured Troop (x4)
  • Churchill Tank Squadron HQ
  • Churchill Tank Troop (x5)
  • Churchill (Late)
  • Motor Company HQ
  • Motor Platoon (x3)
  • Armoured Transport
  • Universal Carrier Patrol (x4)
  • Vickers Motor MG Platoon
  • 3-Inch Mortar Section
  • 6 PDR Motor AT Platoon (x2)
  • Rifle Company HQ
  • Rifle Platoon (x3)
  • 3-Inch Mortar Platoon
  • 6 PDR Anti-Tank Platoon
  • WASP Flame-Thrower Patrol (x2)
  • Vickers MG Platoon (x2)
  • 4.2-Inch Heavy Mortar Platoon
  • M10 Anti-Tank Platoon (x2)
  • Churchill Crocodile Tank Troop
  • Humber Armoured Car Troop (x2)
  • Humber LRC
  • Daimler Armoured Car Troop (x2)
  • Daimler Dingo
  • 25 PDR Field Troop (x4)
  • Sexton Field Troop (x2)
  • Priest Field Troop (x2)
  • Sherman OP
  • Infantry Observer
  • Bofors Light Anti-Aircraft Troop
  • Typhoon Tank-Busting Flight
  • MMG Carrier Transport

German Unit Cards (FW130G)
contains 68 Unit Cards

The German army has spent years crushing the armies of Europe and now it is ready for round two.

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German Unit Cards (FW130G)

Unit Cards List
The deck contains the following cards.
  • German Force Card
  • Tiger Tank Company HQ
  • Tiger Tank Platoon (x3)
  • Königstiger Tank Platoon
  • Panther Tank Company HQ
  • Panther Tank Platoon (x3)
  • Stug Assault Gun Company HQ
  • Stug Assault Gun Platoon (x3)
  • Panzer IV Tank Company HQ
  • Panzer IV Tank Platoon (x4)
  • Armoured AA Platoon (x2)
  • Panzergrenadier Company HQ
  • Panzergrenadier Platoon (x3)
  • Sd Kfz 251 Half-Track Transport
  • Armoured HMG Platoon
  • 8cm Armoured Mortar Platoon
  • 7.5cm Armoured Cannon Platoon
  • 7.5cm PAK40 Armoured Anti-Tank Platoon
  • 2cm Armoured AA Platoon
  • Armoured Flame-Thrower Platoon
  • Grenadier Company HQ
  • Grenadier Platoon (x3)
  • HMG Platoon
  • 8cm Mortar Platoon
  • 7.5cm Infantry Gun Platoon
  • 15cm Infantry Gun Platoon
  • 7.5cm PAK40 Anti-Tank Platoon
  • Scout Platoon
  • 2cm Anti-Aircraft Platoon
  • Jagdpanther Tank-Hunter Platoon
  • Jagdtiger Tank-Hunter Platoon
  • 7.5cm PAK40 Tank-Hunter Platoon (x2)
  • 8.8cm PAK43 Tank-Hunter Platoon
  • Marder III M Tank-Hunter Platoon
  • Hetzer Tank-Hunter Platoon
  • 8.8cm Flak36 AA Platoon (x2)
  • Sd Kfz 234 Armoured Car Patrol (x3)
  • Puma Armoured Car Patrol (x3)
  • 10.5cm Artillery Battery (x2)
  • Wespe Armoured Artillery Battery (x2)
  • Hummel Armoured Artillery Battery
  • Rocket Launcher Battery
  • Panzer III OP
  • JU 87D Stuka Diver Bomber Flight
  • JU 87G Stuka Tank-Hunter Flight
  • Infantry Observer

Soviet Unit Cards (FW130S)

Soviet Unit Cards (FW130S)
contains 58 Unit Cards

The fighting spirit of the people of the Soviet Union has never wavered and now their factories churn out new tanks and guns ready to push the Germans from their lands.

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Unit Cards List
The deck contains the following cards.
  • Soviet Force Card
  • IS-2 Tank Regiment HQ
  • IS-2 Tank Company (x4)
  • Churchill Tank Regiment HQ
  • Churchill Tank Company (x4)
  • T-34/85 Tank Battalion HQ
  • T-34 Tank Battalion HQ
  • T-34/85 Tank Company (x3)
  • T-34 Tank Company (x3)
  • Valentine Tank Company
  • Tank Rider Company
  • ZIS Anti-Tank Company (x3)
  • DSHK Anti-Aircraft Platoon
  • Rifle Battalion HQ
  • Battalion Komissar
  • Rifle Company (x3)
  • SMG Company
  • Flame-Thrower
  • PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle Company
  • Machine-Gun Company
  • 82mm Mortar Company
  • 120mm Heavy Mortar Company
  • 76mm Regimental Gun Company
  • 45mm Anti-Tank Company
  • Scout Platoon
  • OT-34 Flame-Tank Company
  • BA-64 Armoured Car Company
  • SU-76M Assault Gun Company (x2)
  • SU-85 Assault Gun Company
  • Medium Assault Gun Company
  • ISU Heavy Assault Gun Company
  • 100mm Anti-Tank Company
  • 76mm ZIS-3 Artillery Battery (x2)
  • 122mm Artillery Battery (x2)
  • 152mm Artillery Battery (x2)
  • Guards Rocket Mortar Battery (x2)
  • Infantry Observer
  • 37mm Anti-Aircraft Company
  • IL-2 Shturmovik Assault Aircraft Company

US Unit Cards (FW130U)
contains 59 Unit Cards

For years the US has been the arsenal of democracy, providing their allies with equipment to hold back the Germans, now it is time to land in Europe and finish the job.

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US Unit Cards (FW130U)

The Unit Cards pack contains all the stastics and rules you need to bring your armies into Flames of War 4.

Unit Cards List
The deck contains the following cards.
  • US Force Card
  • M4 Sherman Tank Company HQ
  • M4 Sherman (Late) Tank Company HQ
  • M4 Sherman Tank Platoon (x3)
  • M4 Sherman (Late) Tank Platoon (x3)
  • Uparmoured M4 Sherman (Late) Tank
  • M26 Pershing Tank Platoon
  • Super Pershing Tank Platoon
  • M5 Stuart Tank Platoon (x2)
  • M4 Sherman (105mm) Assault Gun Platoon
  • M4 81mm Armored Mortar Platoon (x2)
  • Armored Rifle Company HQ
  • Armored Rifle Platoon (x3)
  • M3 Half-Track Transport
  • Armored Machine-Gun Platoon
  • Armored Anti-Tank Platoon
  • M8 Scott Assault Gun Platoon
  • M20 Tank Destroyer Company HQ
  • M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon (x3)
  • M20 Security Section (x2)
  • Rifle Company HQ
  • Rifle Platoon (x3)
  • Machine-Gun Platoon (x2)
  • Mortar Platoon
  • Anti-Tank Platoon (x2)
  • Cannon Platoon
  • Chemical Mortar Platoon
  • 105mm Artillery Battery (x3)
  • M7 Priest Armored Artillery Battery (x3)
  • M4 Sherman OP
  • Anti-Aircraft (SP) Platoon
  • M8 Cavalry Recon Patrol (x2)
  • Jeep (x2)
  • P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter Flight
  • Infantry Observer
  • M36 Tank Destroyer Platoon (x3)