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American Full Salvo Token (TK903)

American Full Salvo Token (TK903) American Full Salvo Token (TK903)
includes one American Full Salvo token.

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Rocket launchers were one of the secret weapons of the Red Army at the start of World War Two. By the end of the war every army had their own version of these lightweight weapons capable of delivering a stunning volume of fire and saturating the target area with explosives. For the American's these included the T34 Calliope and the M17 Whiz-Bang.

The T34 Calliope
Each Calliope rocket launcher system fired a bombardment of sixty 4.5” (114mm) rockets. Individually, these rockets may not cause much damage, but group 60 to 240 of them into a single salvo and the enemy will have nowhere to hide.

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American Full Salvo Token (TK903)
Sixty Rockets
The Calliope’s 60 rocket tubes took a bit of time to reload, but a crack crew found ways to speed things up for the next salvo.

At the start of the game, place a Full Salvo marker with a platoon with Sixty Rockets rocket launchers. Remove this marker after firing an Artillery Bombardment.

If a platoon with Sixty Rockets rocket launchers does not have a Full Salvo marker when it fires an Artillery Bombardment, roll a Skill Test for each Rocket Launcher able to fire in the Bombardment. Only those that pass the Skill Test can fire as part of the Bombardment.

Place a Full Salvo marker on a platoon with Sixty Rockets rocket launchers at the end of any Shooting Step in which every Rocket Launcher in the platoon was able to fire an Artillery Bombardment, but none did so.

American Full Salvo Token (TK903) The M17 Whiz-Bang
The 7.2-inch Multiple Rocket Launcher M17 was designed to be mounted on the M4 Sherman series of medium tanks. Intended for use against concrete bunkers and other fortifications, the payload of twenty rockets were fired electronically either as a salvo or individually.

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