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101st Airborne Dice & Token Set (TD002)

101st Airborne Dice & Token Set (TD002) 101st Airborne Dice & Token Set (TD002)
includes thirty full-colour theme gaming tokens & sixteen full-colour theme dice.

The fledgling arm of the US Army, the airborne divisions carved out a legend for themselves in the annals of the war. The ‘Screaming Eagles’ named for the emblem upon their shoulders, proved themselves to be soldiers of the hardiest kind. They battled their way across Europe in numerous operations like Market Garden and the legendary defence of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.

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The Token Set
The 101st Airborne token set contains thirty full-colour gaming tokens including:

4x Bailed Out tokens; 4x Bogged Down tokens; 4x Dug In tokens; 4x Gone To Ground tokens; 4x Pinned Down tokens; 2x Ranged In tokens; 2x Reorganising tokens; 2x At The Double tokens; 2x Non-Assaulting Team tokens.
101st Airborne Dice & Token Set (TD002)
The Gaming Dice
The 101st Airborne dice set contains sixteen full-colour gaming dice.

101st Airborne Dice & Token Set (TD002)