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10. SS-Panzerdivision 'Frundsberg' Gaming Set (TD030)

10. SS-Panzerdivision 'Frundsberg' Gaming Set Tin Cover (TD030) 10. SS-Panzerdivision 'Frundsberg' Gaming Set (TD030)

The 10. SS Panzerdivision ‘Frundsberg’ was resting after holding back the Allies during the Normandy Campaign when the Allied paratroop assault begain on Arnhem during Operation Market Garden. Paired up with 9. SS Panzer Division ‘Hohenstaufen’, the two units constituted the II SS Panzer Corps.

The Division would continue to fight on the Western and Eastern fronts through to the end of the war.

10. SS-Panzerdivision 'Frundsberg' Gaming Tokens (TD030)
The set comes with 21 full-colour tokens, including:

1x Ranged In,
4x Gone to Ground,
4x Dug In,
4x Pinned Down,
4x Bogged Down,
4x Bailed Out markers.

It also comes with 16 full-colour themed dice.

Like with all our new Gaming Sets we have taken the opportunity to move the division symbol so it is now on the side of the six (rather than the one as with our older dice).

If you see your unit symbol with these dice it’s a good thing!

This product is no longer available.
10. SS-Panzerdivision 'Frundsberg' Gaming Set Tin Back (TD030)
10. SS-Panzerdivision 'Frundsberg' Gaming Set (TD030)