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Bed Spring Armour (SU960)

Bed Spring Armour (SU960)

Bed Spring Armour (SU960)
Includes six plastic sprues of bedspring improvised armour, three with square pattern and three with diamond pattern.

In 1945 the Soviets began to fit mesh spaced armour to the side of their tanks and assault guns to give added protection against weapons such as the Panzerfaust. This quickly became known as bed spring armour, due to it looking like the sprung metal base of a bed.

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The culmination of Flames Of War’s Late-war period, the Berlin intelligence handbook focuses on the Soviet assault on the German capital city of Berlin, the battles to encircle it, and the final desperate defence by the by the rag-tag German forces.

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Diamond pattern sprue (x3) 
Bed Spring Armour (SU960)
Square pattern sprue (x3) 
Bed Spring Armour (SU960)

Bed Spring Armour

When fielding a Soviet force from Berlin, You may add Bed Spring Armour to any or all of your IS-2, T-34/85 obr 1944 or T-24 obr 1942 tanks for +5 points per tank.

If a tank protected by Bed Spring Armour fails an Armour Save against a weapon with a Firepower of 5+ or 6 hitting its Side armour, roll a special 4+ Bed Spring Armour save:

  • If the save is successful the Bed Spring Armour protects the tank from the side shot.
  • If the save is not successful the shot penetrated the Side armour as normal.
Typical Bed Spring Armour configuration
Of course, photos show various different configurations, many with fewer sections of armour. So if you wish, you can make your pack of armour stretch further by applying less to each tank.
Bed Spring Armour (SU960) Bed Spring Armour (SU960)
Bed Spring Armour (SU960) Bed Spring Armour (SU960)
Bed Spring Armour (SU960)

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