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Tail Rotor Blades (VSO111)

Tail Rotor Blades (VSO111) Tail Rotor Blades (VSO111)
includes five spare metal tail rotors and two spare metal tail rotor mounts.

The versatile Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter, the workhorse of the Free World forces in Vietnam, is our biggest seller for Flames Of War Vietnam. We have devoted a lot of effort to improving the models, but one inescapable fragile point remains: the tail rotor.

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Obviously the best answer is simply to be careful when transporting and playing with your helicopter models. But accidents are sometimes inevitable. If the worst does happen and your one of your rotors disappears, never to be seen again, we now have an inexpensive option for replacing the missing parts.

Tail Rotor Blades (VSO111)
Tail Rotor Blades (VSO111)

The spare tail rotor blades and mounts can be used as replacements parts for:


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