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37mm 61-K Gun (AAR540)

37mm 61-K Gun (AAR540) 37mm 61-K Gun (AAR540)
includes one Command AK47 Assault Rifle team, three 37mm 61-K guns with crew, three resin Gun Pit terrain pieces, one Small three-hole base, three Large six-hole bases, & three Base plug spruses.

The 37mm 61-K was originally developed in the late 1930s and used extensively on the Eastern Front by the Red Army against the dive bombers and other low to medium altitude aircraft of the Luftwaffe.

This product is no longer available....
Fate Of A Nation
The fate of a nation hangs in the balance. Israel cannot lose even a single battle. One defeat would mean the destruction of the tiny Jewish state. Not waiting to be attacked by the Arab forces massing on its borders, Israel strikes first.

Learn more about Fate Of A Nation here...
Fate Of A Nation
37mm 61-K Gun (AAR540) Its high muzzle velocity and rate of fire meant that it was just as effective against ground targets such as lightly armoured vehicles as it was aircraft.

During the post-war years, the 37mm 61-K saw service with many countries outside the Soviet Union including those in Africa and Middle-East; including the army of the United Arab Republic during the Six-Day war.

Left & above left: The Command AK47 Assault Rifle team.

Designed by Evan Allen & Karl Cederman
Painted by Aaron Mathie
The 37mm 61-K Gun in Fate Of A Nation
Mobility Range
37mm 61-K gun Immoblie 24" / 60cm 4 6 4+ Anti-aircraft, Turntable.
37mm 61-K Gun (AAR540) 37mm 61-K Gun (AAR540)
Anti-Aircraft: Who Can Shoot
Shooting at aircraft requires a special anti-aircraft mounting to allow the weapon to shoot at high angles and rotate rapidly to track fast-moving aircraft.

Only weapons with the Anti-aircraft, Heavy Anti-aircraft, or Self-defence Anti-aircraft attribute can fire at Aircraft. Anti-aircraft weapons that are still being towed by or carried as Passengers in Transport vehicles cannot shoot at Aircraft.

Anti-aircraft weapons must have a Line of Sight and be within Range to shoot at Aircraft.

Any teams that shoot at Aircraft can’t move At the Double, Dig In, Shoot or Assault in their next turn.

Any weapons (other than Self-defence Anti-aircraft weapons) that shoot at Aircraft cannot conduct Defensive Fire if assaulted later in this turn.
37mm 61-K Gun (AAR540) 37mm 61-K Gun (AAR540)
Guns on Turntables
Some guns, mostly anti-aircraft guns, are mounted on turntables allowing them to turn in any direction.

Gun teams on Turntables can fire in any direction.
37mm 61-K Gun (AAR540) 37mm 61-K Gun (AAR540)
Building A Better Gun Pit
During the design process for Fate Of A Nation we spent a lot of time discussing the defensive nature of the UAR and Jordanian forces, and the need to have so many gun pits. We decided to add a small sandbag entrenchment to every gun or mortar that should be in a Gun Pit, to help you and your opponent easily spot them in the heat of battle. You can still put the traditional Gun Pit markers on the table if you want and either way these sandbags look great on the base!
The 37mm 61-K Guns Prepare To Fire
37mm 61-K Gun (AAR540)

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