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M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)

M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)
includes one M50 (155mm) Self-propelled gun, two Crew figures, & one Plastic Sherman components sprue.

When it came to purchasing a heavy artillery piece, the Israelis turned to their main armaments supplier, France, buying their Modèle 50 155mm howitzer. This weapon is quite heavy, but has an exceptional range, something the Israelis needed given the comparatively short range of most of their artillery park.

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Fate Of A Nation
The fate of a nation hangs in the balance. Israel cannot lose even a single battle. One defeat would mean the destruction of the tiny Jewish state. Not waiting to be attacked by the Arab forces massing on its borders, Israel strikes first.

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Fate Of A Nation
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) In order to increase its mobility, the Israelis paired the Modèle 50 with a modified Sherman chassis to create the first Israeli-built self-propelled artillery piece, the M50 / 155mm.

This blend of excellent mobility and destructive firepower was put to good use by that the Israeli Defence Force during the Six-Day war.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie
The M50 / 155mm in Fate Of A Nation












Equipment and Notes 







M50 / 155mm

Standard Tank




M50 155mm gun
24" / 60cm
 1+ Hull mounted, Bunker buster, Smoke.
Firing bombardments 104" / 260cm
Smoke bombardment.
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)
Hull-mounted Guns
Some tanks mount weapons in the front of the hull instead of in a turret to save weight or to make them easier to produce.

A hull-mounted weapon mounted in the front of a vehicle has a 180-degree Field of Fire covering everything in front of a line drawn across the front of the vehicle. If the weapon is mounted at the rear of the vehicle, the Field of Fire covers everything to the rear of a line drawn across the rear of the vehicle.
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)
No Saves from Big Guns
Some weapons are just so powerful that there is no chance of surviving a hit from them. These heavy guns are often mounted in tanks and self-propelled guns designed to break through enemy defensive lines.

Infantry teams, Gun teams, Passengers, and Unarmoured vehicles automatically fail their Saves when hit by a Breakthrough Gun or a Bunker Buster. This does not apply to Artillery Bombardments.
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)
Sometimes your weapons won’t destroy the enemy quickly enough to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your own troops first. One way to protect your troops in the meanwhile is to fire smoke at the enemy to temporarily impair their vision.

Only weapons listed as having the Smoke attribute in their Arsenal may fire smoke. Some weapons can also fire Smoke Bombardments (see page 136 of the main rulebook).
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)
Contents of the M50 (155mm) SP Blister Pack
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)
Description of Components
a. 1x Plastic Sherman components sprue.
b. 1x Resin M50 (155mm) SP Sherman hull.
1x Right-hand side gun cradle.
1x Left-hand side gun cradle.
1x 155mm barrel.
f. 1x Gun laying gear.
g. 1x End bracket.
h. 1x Barrel top bracket.
i. 1x Bent-over crew figure.
j. 1x Crew figure covering ears.
Assembling The M50 (155mm) SP
Step 1. Begin assembly by attaching the tracks to the hull.  Below: The correct alignment for the right-hand side track.
Note: Each track has been keyed to correspond with a particular side of the hull; this aids in ensuring the correct orientation of the tracks when assembling the miniature.
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)
Tip: When referring to left or right-hand side in regards to a Flames Of War miniature, the orientation is determined as if looking at the vehicle from the rear.
Below: The correct alignment for the left-hand side track. Below: The left-hand side track attached to the hull. Below: The right-hand side track attached to the hull.
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)

Tip: Always dry fit (Dry Fitting is assembling components of a model without any glue. This ensure that they go fit together correctly before a permanent bond is created and allows for any fine adjustments to be made.) components before final assembly.

Step 2. Begin by attaching the 155mm barrel to one of the gun cradle sections. Step 3. Attach the second gun cradle section.
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)
Step 4. Add the top bracket to the gun cradle section. Step 5. Next, attach the end bracket.
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)
Below: The end bracket in place. Step 6. Attach the gun laying gear to the side of the gun cradle. Step 7. Next, attach the assembled 155mm to inside of the vehicle.
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)
Below: The 155mm howitzer attached to the inside of the vehicle. Step 8. Attach the bent over crew figure to the left-hand side of the 155mm howitzer.
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)
Step 9. Attach the crew figure covering ears to the right-hand side of the 155mm howitzer. Below: With the crew figures attached, the M50 (155mm) SP in now fully assembled.
M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141) M50 (155mm) SP (AIS141)

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