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Volkssturm Platoon (GE823)

Volkssturm Platoon (GE823)

Volkssturm Platoon (GE823)
includes HQ Section, four Volkssturm Squads, one Optional MG08/15 LMG team, one Small three-hole base, nine Medium four-hole bases, & one Hole plug sprue.

With the tide of war now against Germany, the Volkssturm (People’s Militia) represent its last line of defence. The Volkssturm was drawn from ranks of the population previously considered unfit for military service, including younger boys (aged 13-18) and older men (many of whom were veterans of World War I).

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Bridge At Remagen
On 7 March 1945, lead elements of Task Force Engeman discover that Remagen’s Ludendorff Bridge is still intact, and Brigadier General Hoge instantly recognises that a decisive battle is upon his troops. He orders the bridge to be captured.

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Bridge At Remagen
Volkssturm Platoon (GE823) After being called up, the units received only rudimentary military training, and their equipment was a motley collection of standard issue German equipment and simplified weapons designed for militia use.

Above left & left: The Command Panzerfaust Rifle team.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown
The First Volkssturm Squad
Volkssturm Platoon (GE823)
The Panzerfaust Rifle Team in Flames Of War
Anti-tank Firepower
Rifle team 16"/40cm 1 2 6  
Panzerfaust 4"/10cm 1 12 5+ Tank Assault 6. Cannot shoot in the Shooting Step if moved in the Movement Step.
The Second Volkssturm Squad
Volkssturm Platoon (GE823)
Local Militia
Volkssturm Platoons do not use the German Stormtrooper or Mission Tactics special rules. Instead, a Volkssturm Platoon always begins the game on the table. Ignore all Volkssturm Platoons in your force when determining how many platoons to be held in Reserve.

In addition, a Volkssturm Platoon always begins the game in Prepared Positions.
The Third Volkssturm Squad
Volkssturm Platoon (GE823)
Reluctant Conscripts
World War I veterans, civilian concripts, old men, young boys, they have all answered the call of the Fatherland. A Volkssturm Platoon is rated Reluctant Conscript.
The Fourth Volkssturm Squad
Volkssturm Platoon (GE823)
Volkssturm Platoons in your force are Allies and follow the Allied Platoon rules on page 70 of the rulebook.
The Volkssturm Platoon Defends The Fatherland
Volkssturm Platoon (GE823)

Volksstrum Platoon Contents (GE823)

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