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Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724)

Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724) Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724)
includes one Command Rifle team, two Machine-gun section each with two Maxim HMGs, one Small three-hole base & four Medium four-hole bases.

After the Finns had won their independence from Russia in 1918 they ended up with about 600 Maxim machine-guns. They were either the m/1905 or the m/1910 all of course in Russian 7.62 mm x 54R caliber.

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Rising Sun
Rising Sun brings you into the Soviet Union’s wars with the Japanese and Finns on its borders in 1939. Take command of the Red Army’s tank forces, infantry or cavalry forces as you throw the Japanese back into Manchuria or fight the stubborn Finns to expand the Soviet border.

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Rising Sun
Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724) These were on the standard Sokolov-type wheeled mounts. Finnish Army designated the m/1905 and m/1910 the M/09 in line with the very similar German Maxim. The Sokolov mount was also designated M/09 and the Maxim in Finnish use became the M/09-09.

The Finns increased their number of Maxim machine-gun by purchasing them from non-Russian sources during the 1920s, including Poland and Italy. A large number of the Finnish M/09-09s were modified to M/09-21. This remounted the Maxim machine-gun on a folding tri-pod roughly similar to that used by the Germans on the MG34 and MG42.

Designed by James Brown
Painted by James Brown

The Maxim HMG Teams
Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724) Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724)
The Maxim HMG in Flames Of War
ROF Anti-tank
Maxim HMG
ROF 3 when pinned down or moving.
Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724) Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724)
Heavy machine-guns (HMGs) are an important part of the company’s firepower. The Maxim HMG can be quickly moved forward on sleds to keep up with the rapidly moving Jääkari platoons.
Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724) Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724)
One item of equipment Finnish units are well equipped with heavy machine-guns. These are ideal for mowing down waves of attackers. The Finnish HMG is the same as the Soviet Maksim but without the bulky gun-shield to slow it down.
Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724) Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724)
The Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) Prepares To Fire
Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) (FI724)

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Painting Finnish Infantry
James demonstrates how to paint Battlefront's new Winter War Finnish infantry, including an effective method for painting white, and how to do snow basing.

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