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2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)

2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)

2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)
includes one Destroyed M10 Special Objective with Audie Murphy .50cal AA MG gunner figure, one Dismounted Audie Murphy figure, one Wall section & one Small two-hole base.

Audie Leon Murphy was born on 20 June 1924 to a farming family in Kingston, Texas. Murphy would go on to be one of America’s most famous soldiers and movie stars.

Murphy initially tried to enlist after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, but was turned away because he was underage.

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The Battle of the Bulge
In December 1944 the German forces were supposed to be on the back foot, so their desperate push in the Ardennes took the Allies by surprise. Desperate defence by the American and British Commonwealth forces gradually turned to counterattack as they fought to erase the 'Bulge'.

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Allied Forces on the German border, September 1944 – February 1945
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) Murphy attempted once more on his 18th birthday, but was declined by the Marines, paratroopers, and Navy as too small, being slight man of 5’5½” (166cm) and 110 pounds (50kg). Out of options he joined the infantry.

In early 1943 he was shipped to Morocco as a replacement in 3rd Platoon, Baker Company, I Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division. His combat initiation came when he took part in the invasion of Sicily in July 1943. When the 3rd Division landed at Salerno, Italy, in September 1943 Murphy was in the thick of the fighting earning promotions and decorations for valour.
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy in Flames Of War
Warrior Characteristics
You may field 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy as either a Company Command Carbine team (replacing the Company
Command team in your Rifle Company on page 49 of Devil's Charge) or as a Command Rifle team (replacing the Command Rifle team in one of your Rifle Platoons on page 49 of Devil's Charge) for +35 points. Audie Murphy is a Warrior and is rated Fearless Veteran. He does not change the Motivation rating of a platoon he Joins.
Murphy’s division landed in Southern France in mid-August 1944. During the fighting Murphy’s best friend was killed by a German soldier feigning surrender. Murphy, in a fit of vengeful rage, single-handedly wiped out the German machine-gun crew that had just killed his friend. He then went on to destroy several more enemy positions. Murphy received the Distinguished Service Cross for these actions.

In the following seven weeks of fighting, Murphy received two Silver Stars for further heroic actions, and was promoted to staff sergeant. He was later awarded a battlefield commission to 2nd lieutenant, commanding a platoon. He was wounded soon after and spent ten days in hospital. After returning to his unit he became the company commander on 25 January 1945.
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)
Three Purple Hearts
Murphy received three Purple Hearts during his service, on 15 September 1944, 26 October 1944, and 25 January 1945. The first was for wounds sustained in southern France, the second after he was hit in the hip by a sniper’s bullet, and the third when he was wounded by a mortar shell that killed two other men nearby.

If the opponent fails to kill Murphy using the Warrior Infantry Team Casualties rule (see page 106 of the rulebook) you do not need to remove a friendly Infantry team. Murphy, although wounded, fights on alone.
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) The next day, in freezing temperatures and snow, his unit participated in the battle at Holtzwihr on the border between France and Germany. Murphy’s battered command consisted just 19 of the company’s original 128 men. Murphy ordered his men to take up prepared positions deeper in the wood behind them, while he remained forward to direct artillery fire on the attacking enemy.

Murphy jump aboard a nearby burning M10 tank destroyer, manning its .50 cal machine-gun. With it, he quickly cut down a full squad of German infantry who had crawled down a ditch to within 100 feet (30m) of his position. He received a leg wound, but remained on the tank destroyer firing the .50 cal machine-gun, alternating between calling in artillery and firing bursts from the machine-gun.
Distinguished Service Cross
On 15 August 1944, Murphy earned a Distinguished Service Cross (second highest awards to the Medal of Honor) for his actions during the 3rd Infantry Division’s amphibious assault in southern France. When a German machine-gun nest killed one of Murphy’s close friends, he flew into a rage and killed every German manning the nest, picked up the machine-gun and a bunch of grenades, and stormed several other German positions nearby.

Murphy may re-roll failed Skill Tests to hit a Bunker in an assault.
Murphy only stopped fighting when his telephone line to the artillery was cut. His remaining men then moved forward and he organized a counter-attack which ultimately drove the enemy from Holtzwihr. For these actions, Murphy was awarded the Medal of Honor, the United States of America’s highest military award. After the war he was asked why he had taken on an entire company of German infantry by himself, he replied, ‘They were killing my friends’. 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)
Two Bronze Stars
Audie Murphy’s two Bronze Stars were awarded while he was in Italy. The first was earned during the Anzio landings and the second while the 3rd Infantry Division was attempting to expand the beachhead, when Murphy crawled out into No Man’s Land to disable a German tank with rifle grenades.

Audie Murphy has Tank Assault 3.
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) Murphy spent the rest of the war as liaison officer. In 27 months in action in the European Theatre Murphy was awarded 33 US and six foreign decorations and medals.

M10 designed by Evan Allen
Objective & figures designed by James Brown
Objective painted by James Brown
Dismounted figure painted by Blake Coster
Two Silver Stars
Both of Murphy’s Silver Stars were earned in France. The first was awarded on 2 October 1944 after Murphy single-handedly destroyed a machine-gun nest. The second was awarded near Tholy, France on 5 October 1944 when he crawled ahead into No-Man’s Land to direct artillery fire on enemy positions.

Murphy may make a Reconnaissance Deployment Move as though he was a Recce team, separately from the rest of his platoon. Note that this might mean that as a Platoon Command team, Murphy begins the game Out of Command.

In addition, as a Command team, Murphy does not incur the usual +1 penalty to the score needed to Range In (see page 126 of the rulebook).
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)
Special Objective Characteristics
Instead of fielding 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy as a Warrior team, you may field him as a Special Objective in your Rifle Company (page 48 of Devil's Charge), Engineer Combat Company (page 58 of Devil's Charge), Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (page 64 of Devil's Charge), or Light Tank Company (page 66 of Devil's Charge) for +25 points.
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)
Medal of Honor
Audie Murphy single-handedly held off determined German attacks with the .50 cal machine-gun of a burnt-out M10 tank destroyer, despite a leg wound and withering enemy fire. He prevented the Germans from taking his position and the wood that was their ultimate objective with a constant hail of heavy machine-gun fire.

After objectives have been placed, replace any Objective placed in your Deployment Areas with the Audie Murphy
Special Objective. If there are no Objectives in your Deployment Area, you cannot use the Special Objective.
The Special Objective retains all of the usual rules of an Objective.

In addition, the Audie Murphy Special Objective is also a .50 cal Nest, using the normal Bunker rules found in the rulebook.

The .50 cal Nest can Spot for Artillery Bombardments as if it was a Company Command team, but without the usual
+1 penalty to the score needed to Range In (see page 126 of the rulebook). It cannot prevent the enemy from taking Objectives.

If the .50 cal Nest is Destroyed, the Objective reverts to being a normal Objective.
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)
Audie Murphy Special Objective in Flames Of War
Weapon Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower Notes
.50 cal Nest 16"/40cm 3 4 5+ -
The Dismounted Audie Murphy
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy Beats Off The Germans
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)
The Contents of the 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy Blister Pack
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)
Description of Components
a. 1x Small two-hole base.
b. 1x Wall section.
1x Dismounted Audie Murphy figure.
d. 1x .50 cal AA MG Audie Murphy gunner figure.
e. 1x 3" M10 gun barrel.
f. 1x One-piece resin knocked-out M10 tank destroyer.
Assembling the Mounted Audie Murphy
Step 1. Attach the 3" gun barrel to the knocked-out M10 turret. Step 2. Clip the tab off the base of the gunner figure and tidy up the feet of the figure to ensure it stands correctly on the engine deck of the M10.
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)
Step 3. Next, attached the .50 cal AA MG to the rear of the M10 turret. Step 4. With Audie Murphy manning the .50 cal AA MG, the model is ready for painting.
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)

Shine A Light
James gives you an introduction on how to paint Audie Murphy using object source lighting techniques.

Shine a Light: An Introduction to Object Source Lighting...

2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886)
2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy (US886) Assembling the Dismounted Audie Murphy
To assembly the dismounted Audie Murphy, simply model the dismounted figure and the wall section on the Small two-hole base provided.

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