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Huszár Platoon (HU708)

Huszár Platoon (HU708) Huszár Platoon (HU708)
includes one Command team, one Huszár squad, one Medium base & two Large bases.

The Huszárs have always been Hungary’s elite and have the traditions of hundred’s of years of warfare behind them. However, they are a thoroughly modern fighting force. They are equally at home fighting on horseback or on foot and are supported by machine-guns, mortars, anti-tank guns and their own pioneers. Mounted they are equals to any cavalry or infantry force in the field, and on foot they defend with stubborn determination.

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The advantages of the mounted Huszár become obvious on the Russian Front. A mounted force can easily navigate the open woodland and marshes of Byelorussia. Speed is their major asset, especially on the counterattack, where the enemy is not set for defence and the surprise of a cavalry force appearing on the flank can send even the steadiest company into disarray.

If the battle conditions do not suit cavalry operations the Huszárs simply dismount and fight as elite infantry with all the skill and will of any full-time infantry platoon.

Figures designed by Evan Allen
Horses designed by James Brown
Painted by Wayne Turner
Huszár Platoon (HU708)
Huszár Platoon (HU708) Huszár Platoon (HU708)
The Huszár Squad
Huszár Platoon (HU708) Huszár Platoon (HU708)
Huszár Platoon (HU708) Huszár Platoon (HU708)
Huszár Platoon (HU708) Huszár Platoon (HU708)
Huszár Platoon (HU708) Huszár Platoon (HU708)
The Huszár Platoon Move Out
Huszár Platoon (HU708)
The Contents of the Huszár Platoon Blister
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Huszár Platoon (HU708)
Description of Components
a. 2x Galloping horses.
b. 3x Trotting horses.
c. 3x Canterring horses.
d. 2x Lefting foot horses.
1x Officer rider.
f. 1x NCO rider with SMG.
g. 1x LMG rider.
h. 4x Riflemen rider A.
i. 4x Riflemen rider B.
j. 1x Medium base.
k. 2x Large bases.
Huszár Platoon (HU708)

Assembling the Horses and Riders
To assemble the horses and riders, simply attach the riders to the back of the horses.

Left: An example of a horse and rider.

Modelling the Command Team
On a Medium base, model the officer rider along with a rifleman rider.

Right: An example of a Command team.
Huszár Platoon (HU708)
Huszár Platoon (HU708)

Modelling the Huszár Teams
On a Large base, model three riflemen riders along with either the NCO rider with SMG or the LMG rider.

Left: A Huszár team with NCO rider.

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