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40mm Bofors AA Nest (HSO501)

40mm Bofors AA Nest (HSO501)

40mm Bofors AA Nest (HSO501)
includes one resin nest & one 40mm 36M gun with crew.

The standard anti-aircraft weapon of all Hungarian divisions is the Swedish designed 40mm Bofors gun. This modern and very effective anti-aircraft weapon is ideal for protecting your troops from roaming Allied ground-attack aircraft.

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Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf
represents the Axis forces (Germans, Hungarians and Finns) serving on the Eastern Front between January 1944 and February 1945. 

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Grey Wolf
Battlefront TV
The Finns and Hungarians 
Wayne takes a quick look at what you can expect from the Finnish and Hungarian lists covered by the Late War compilation Grey Wolf.

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"The Bofors gun’s excellent rate-of-fire also makes it an effective weapon against ground targets."
The 40mm Bofors AA Nest in Flames Of War
40mm Bofors Nest Immobile
The Contents of the 40mm Bofors AA Nest Box Set
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40mm Bofors AA Nest (HSO501)
Description of Components
a. 1x Resin nest.
b. 1x Loader figure.
c. 1x NCO figure.
d. 2x Bofors crew figures.
e. 1x Bofors gun barrrel.
1x Gun mount.
g. 1x Footplate.
h. 1x Ammo box.
i. 1x Long gun leg.
j. 2x Short gun legs.
k. 1x Tailpiece
1x Sight group.
The Assembling the 40mm Bofors AA Gun
Evan provides a step-by-step showing how to assemble the 40mm Bofors AA gun.

View Evan's guide to assembling the 40mm Bofors AA gun here...

Note: The Hungarian Bofors gun doesn't have the gun shield.
The Assembling the 40mm Bofors AA Gun
Modelling the Nest Modelling the Nest
To model the 40mm Bofors AA nest, simply follow the guide on the Soviet 45mm obr 1942 nests. Here, Blake show you how to pin the figure to the resin nest by creating a peg using the base of the figure.

Learn how to pin figure using their bases here...

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