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Finnish Panzerfausts (FSO103)

Finnish Panzerfausts (FSO103) Finnish Panzerfausts (FSO103)
includes three Finnish Panzerfaust figures.

German experiences on the Russian front during the Soviet offensives of 1942-43 highlighted a need for a man portable anti-tank weapon that could be operated by a single infantryman.

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The German answer to this requirement was the Panzerfaust; consisting of a tube that contained a charge to propel the hollow charge warhead, the Panzerfaust became one of the most feared weapons of amongst the Allied tank crews.

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Finnish Panzerfausts (FSO103)
Finnish Panzerfausts (FSO103) They were produced in such numbers that they were supplied to other nations such as the Finns who utilised them to great effect against the masses of Soviet armour.

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Designed by the Battlefront Studio
Finnish Panzerfausts (FSO103)
The Panzerfaust in Flames Of War
Weapon Range
Tank Assault 6. Cannot shoot in the Shooting Step if moved in the Movement Step.
Contents of the Finnish Panzerfaust Pack
Contents of the Finnish Panzerfaust Pack
a. 1x Standing Panzerfaust figure.
b. 1x Kneeling Panzerfaust figure.
c. 1x Prone Panzerfaust figure.
Finnish Panzerfausts (FSO103)
Modelling Finnish Panzerfausts
Modelling a Finnish command stand to include a Panzerfaust is very easy; simply replace one the figures on the command stand with the Panzerfaust figure of your choice.
Below: Examples of Finnish command stands upgraded to include a Panzerfaust.
Finnish Panzerfausts (FSO103) Finnish Panzerfausts (FSO103) Finnish Panzerfausts (FSO103)

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